Monday Morning Questions – Twisted Crue

It seems like the headlines have been full of comments from “rock stars” that are annoyed at the fact that they aren’t getting the credit they deserve for an idea they felt was theirs. Dee Snider continues to spew non-sense regarding Raiding The Rock Vault, who just this weekend celebrated their 500th show. Dee has finally let out why he doesn’t like the show, it is because they supposedly stole his idea. See Dee started Monster Circus a few years back, with a slew of well-known musicians, and after a short run, went belly up because there just was not enough demand, or money generated to pay those involved. Same deal with his Van Helsing’s Curse show, and even his Strangeland sequel that had been in the works for the longest time. I get it, he was a huge rock star at one point who was able to put together these elaborate shows, but that doesn’t mean that everything needs to be enormous for it to be successful. The one thing that has made Dee hugely successful, is the one thing that he refuses to actually get involved and work with outside of the nostalgia act they bring to the stage. I find it humorous that Dee continuously says it makes no sense to put out new Twisted Sister music, but the last new music by the band, Heroes Are Hard To Find, is possibly the only song in the catalog worse than Leader Of The Pack! Seriously, that is subjective, but what isn’t is his constant bitching about ideas he came up with, that failed, and others have done things similarly and become successful at it. This to me is akin to Henry Ford putting out a model that tanked, but was annoyed that others made a successful car based on good ideas put forward with his failed model. This also falls into my view that if someone is trying to keep flying the flag of hard rock or metal, why bash or do something that will fragment the fan base. With regards to new Twisted Sister music, maybe there is nothing there, but if Dee, who is credited with written all of their material pre-Love Is For Suckers can do a solo album, why not make that a Twisted Sister album instead? Why not release an EP, or a digital single? Oh but the Broadway album made so much sense to make right?

Another star that seems to be back to his old antics is Nikki Sixx, who this weekend lashed out at Martin Popoff after Bravewords announced the release of the book Kick Start My Heart A Motley Crue Day-By-Day. First off a lot of sheep that follow Nikki, and have bashed Martin have no idea who he is, or his pedigree as an author, historian, and just plain fan of the music he writes about. Second of all, I have talked to more than one of the artists named in The Dirt, and all have mentioned how what is told in the book is a work of fiction. Nikki has continuously bashed Kiss for various things over the years, only to follow in their footsteps in as many things as possible, and even tour with them a few years back. Nikki’s actions have turned a lot of knowledgeable fans of his band onto the fact that Martin will be releasing a book about the band, and who knows, maybe this was done generate press for himself, but I think there are others ways of going about what he did.

Motley Crue will be back one day, regardless of what they’re all saying, so will Twisted Sister. There is just too much money at the table for them to pull a Skid Row. The Crue has already started to extend their farewell tour, I’ve spoken to more than one annoyed fan that bought tickets to what was going to be their final show, some that are even flying in from around the world to see the band. Just waiting to read the “we’re having too much fun to stop” PR release.

Let your voice be heard, are you in favor of what Dee? Should Raiding The Rock Vault stop? Or should what is a show that celebrates music we all love and cherish continue?

Does Nikki have a leg to stand on? A public figure that is fair game, and should be used to having things written about his band, or should things that are only authorized by the band, all be it biased or slanted in their favor, be the only literature released?

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