Signals From Mars – School In Summer Time

So earlier this week Dee Snider went on his podcast to defend his comments regarding AJ Pero After his passing. Look, that’s the thing about saying things in public, you’re always putting it out there for others to comment on, and possibly criticize your motives. I’ve seen people send Dee my comments via social media, and I hardly believe they affected him, but I’m sure there was an outcry by a lot of people with the same sentiment. I get where Dee is coming from, he’s hurt, and upset that AJ didn’t do what he felt was right. It is easy to criticize thing when you’ve never gone through them, it is easy to say “you should do this” but ultimately when forced into a corner, you may not do what you previously professed. My biggest issue is that AJ’s family was brought into all of this. Did anyone really need to know about his kids, girlfriend, or ex-wives? Could it not have just been easier on all accounts to just say “we’re doing this to help his family out.” End of story, no one is the wiser, and you come off like a million bucks, not like you’re trying to get press from a situation. I still have issues with him criticizing other bands for moving on without certain components. Twisted Sister had by some accounts between thirty to forty members before AJ joined, or are those die-hards, SMFs if you will, that went to the Fountain Ballroom, or other places in the NYC tristate area to see the band supposed to forget about seeing them back during their club days? It is still in my opinion hypocritical that he bashes others, while they’re out there with Mike Portnoy. But at the end of the day, his band, he can do as he sees fit.

So much has been discussed about Sammy Hagar and Eddie Van Halen these last few days. This is why podcast are a great medium, if you say something, it is there, it isn’t a ghost writer making things up to spice up your book, it isn’t a writer for some big magazine taking liberties in order to further their career. But I digress, I’ve had instances where people have said “you need to send me the interview in order to get approval to use anything I mentioned”. My first thought is, were you not part of this discussion? Did you say something you want to have omitted? Because I’ve done that plenty of times in the past, an artist will give me some info, and then says can you please remove that, it is going to be a surprise for our fans, the label doesn’t want to me mention this, or let’s discuss it off the record. I’m cool with that, and I get it, but if you’ve just finished talking to me for an hour, and if you can’t stand behind something you’ve mentioned, why say it to begin with? Getting back to Sammy and Eddie, VHND pointed out that in Sammy’s book RED has a few lines in it that pretty much corroborated the fact that Eddie fed Michael Anthony all of his parts. But Sammy has gone out of his way continuously bash EVH whenever he is promoting something, I just don’t understand that. So you keep professing that you had a career before the band, you were in Montrose, you recorded this, and that track, but every time you promote something, it all leads back to VH. If Sammy was never chosen to take over for David Lee Roth would people even care about Sammy? Is his solo career so chalked full of great tracks that he could get away with not playing VH? I am not really a fan, so I’m not sure I can truly be unbiased with my assessment, but I think he needs to play some of his VH hits to appease his audience. It is only a matter of time before Sammy is on his own reality show….oh wait, coming this fall is a Sammy reality show. It is why he is saying the VH brothers won’t allow him to use his music. Word from the grapevine is he has re-recorded versions of some of his VH hits, and now wants to use those instead of the originals on his show. If this is true it may not only be the brothers, but their publishing company as well. We’ll just have to sit back and wait to see how it all plays out.

As much as people enjoy complaining about Kiss and their issues, it seems like a lot of these bands suffer from the same issues, it isn’t exclusive to Kiss. VH, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, etc. It kills me that people don’t realize that their idols, that these super stars at the end of the day are all human, and suffer from the same human conditions, and issues the rest of us do. Polygamy isn’t legal, polyamory is frowned upon, but people expect that a four way, five way, or more person relationship to always be full of rays of sunshine and go on without a hitch. A lot of these bands are modern day carneys, a traveling band of misfits that are great when they’re entertaining, but are looked at as the lowest of the low when they’re out of the spotlight. It makes you wonder why people can form their own opinion on certain situations involving the same person. I can accept them under this circumstance, but not under this one.

Another thing I find amusing, a lot of sites have been posting lately, “can you believe this is so and so’s daughter?” No kidding, so and so married a supermodel, or had the kid with a hot stripper, why wouldn’t their offspring be good looking? They’re only half of the equation, and in most of the instances pointed out, their kids have turned out alright.

We are at the halfway point of the year, and there have been some great albums that have come out this year. Let me know what some of your favorites have been. As always you can leave your comments on our Facebook site.