Podcast Episode 121 – Classic Albums Column – AC/DC – Back In Black

AC/DC Back In Black Mars Attacks Podcast


Episode 121 of Mars Attacks Podcast brings you another entry in the Classic Albums series, the episode focuses on AC/DC’s Back In Black. You will hear comments regarding the album from the metal queen Doro Pesch, Anthrax’s Charlie Benante, Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth, Testament’s Gene Hoglan, The Rods Carl Canedy, Jason McMaster of Dangerous Toys, Racer X’s Jeff Martin, former Hades singer Alan Tecchio, and a whole slew of other musicians, journalist/historian Martin Popoff, and host of shows such as Aaron and Chris from The Decibel Geek Podcast, and Mitch Lafon from One On One with Mitch Lafon.



Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal – To bounce back from the tremendous loss of Bon Scott, with such an incredible album… few bands are that great, AC/DC to this day still is.

Greg Prato – Although AC/DC’s Bon Scott era will always be my fav, Back in Black remains one of rock’s all-time classics and is completely timeless. As the years have gone on, I’ve also realized what an accomplishment it was – here was a band that lost a key member/friend, and they came back with one of rock’s all-time best-selling albums. Amazing.

Dave Starr – One of the best albums ever, definitely the biggest comeback IMO. I don’t think anyone saw this one coming after the death of Bonn Scott. AC/DC started a whole new career for themselves with this one.

Peter Ellis – This album has more classic songs in it than other bands have in their entire careers!! Brian Johnson proved to be the best replacement singer in the history of rock and that says a lot about the man and his work ethic… Amazing album, that should be the number one pick of albums when you are about to throw a party!

Jon Leon – This is the greatest example of catchy songs and crossover appeal in metal history. When I was in school…you could go to any party, the jocks, rappers, rednecks…it did not matter. This album could be put on and it was accepted. I know of no other album in metal history that has this much crossover appeal. It is dumbed down just enough, raw and dirty enough, poppy enough and has some of the best guitar tones ever laid to tape. It’s catchy and fun. It just works. Mutt Lange and AC/DC had a special chemistry and this was the best example of their work. A classic among classics. Top Ten of all time in metal history.

Erik Kluiber – Brian Johnson is a great replacement for Bon Scott. Riff wise it’s their best album.

Phil Rind – Obviously a classic. Sad that their most successful record didn’t have Bon Scott on it. I prefer the Bon Scott material overall.

James J. LaRue – Funny think about the title track – This was released before my time and had already become a classic before I had heard it. I had this Jam-along cassette when I was learning to play leads called Heavy Metal Jam Tracks. There was an instrumental backing track on there called ‘Black’n’Blue’ and as far as I knew it was unique to that jam tracks tape. Then a bit later I heard that riff blaring out between the slat windows of one of the classrooms at high school. And for a second I got excited thinking they were cranking the Jam Tracks! When I heard vocals come in it all started to come together in my head that the Jam Track was a deliberate copy of that song. I like the Jam Tracks one more to this day. No vocals to get in the way of shreddin. It would be cool if all songs were like that.

Chris Tsangarides – I was lucky enough to be working at the same studio complex as ACDC were when Mutt was mixing this album and got to hear some of it in the studio. I’ll never forget the monster snare sound they achieved by using an Eventide harmoniser detuned so the snare was made even fatter than it already was. That still is a great idea. They were concerned as to how the fans would react to the new singer! As we all know this turned out to be one of their greatest moments, what a truly great Rock album and one that still stands out both sonically and for the great songs on it.

Kevin Estrada – I will never forget the summer that his album came out. It blew me away. I rode my bike with my boom box hanging over the handlebars and the Back In Black cassette was always in my pocket, The amazing story about that album is not only the success the record had in terms of sales, but ACDC’s comeback story. To bounce back like that after the death of Bonn Scott is unheard of – no one could have predicted that. This was a true rock n’ roll moment.

Jim Florentine – Back In Black- Perfect 10 even though I hate an album with a lot of hits but this one I only have to skip over You Shook Me All Night Long.

Raul Galvan – The album demonstrates a good band can reinvent themselves, regardless of the adversities that may be put in front of them. Without a doubt one of the heaviest AC/DC albums.

JL – The first album with Brian Johnson, the first time I listen to the album I was too young to realize the album’s importance. That said, I believe I headbanged right along to the album, something almost impossible not to do while listening to the album.

Brian Saunders – When I first heard Back In Black, I had no idea Brian Johnson was not the original singer. I thought he fit the position perfectly. I had to delve into the rest of the AC/DC Catalogue to realize how amazing the Bon Scott music was too. Being a kid listening to these antiheroes was like watching Johnny Depp in his Jack Sparrow role, if the Pirate’s of the Caribbean Franchise embraced an “R” Rating and was directed by Roman Polanski. I would sit in my room and imagine these guys to be rabble-rousers who spit whiskey in the face of death but held music as the only thing that was sacred. Being picked on as a kid, side 1 and side 2 (yes I had the vinyl) were 2 perfect sets to get me through some tough times. Even now, if I am at a bar that has Back In Black on a jukebox, I will spend whatever it takes to play the album in full because I can’t pick a favorite track.

Owain Williams – I’m pretty sure the tone on this album is how electric guitars were invented to sound. It’s perfect driving music and always put’s a smile on my face.

Sean Bryant – This was another one of those MTV albums that got played constantly. I couldn’t believe how simple and how accessible this was to so many people. I didn’t really like it then. I can say I appreciate it now, but, it still has a slight sour taste on my palate.

Will Carroll – One of the greatest albums ever recorded. The only thing that pisses me off about Back In Black is that the follow-up, For Those About To Rock, is even better. But nobody seems to notice because it’s so overshadowed by the gargantuan that is Back In Black. Do yourself a favor and pick up For Those About To Rock.

Steve Smyth – This is the album that got me hooked on hard rock and metal, and kick-started me into playing guitar forever! Start to finish, there’s not a bad song on this album! I mean “Hells Bells”? “Shoot To Thrill”? “Shake A Leg”? And of course the hits as well! Angus remains a hero to me, as does Malcolm for these (to me) timeless riffs that still can’t be beaten for their groove. The whole band rocked this one big time!

David Ellefson – This album is just plain perfect!!!

Karl “Inski” Szulik – What can I say? They make me extremely proud to be an Australian. I think every Australian feels the same. Even though this album and the majority of their classics had been written, recorded and had been played in many venues long before I was born, they are still classics to this day. Rip out any one of their riffs in a pub, club or venue and you’ll see everyone screaming out the lyrics at the top of their lungs. Seriously, a band cannot get any more influential than these guys! I love it!!!

Patrick Kennison – One of my all time favorites. Just hearing a track off it makes me wanna drink. I remember my friend and I making our own cardboard guitars & pretending to jam out to this. I of course made mine an SG.

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