Podcast Episode 135 – Doyle And Toxik

Doyle And Toxik


The latest episode of Mars Attacks contains two archive interviews that were both conducted last year. This will be the first of the archive interview episode, and it features Misfits guitarist Doyle, and Josh Christian of Toxik, along with his former bandmate Billy Bodily. The Doyle interview is a continuation of the conversation I had with him regarding the Misfits album Earth A.D. for the Classic Albums series. That episode can be found here. This interview starts at roughly the 33-minute mark of the episode, while the Toxik segment starts at around the 44-minute mark of the episode.

The episode features a new track by Omicida, thanks to Giovanni Durst for providing the track.¬†Check out Omicida here. ¬†Giovanni was once a member of White Wizzard, support White Wizzard’s Kickstarter campaign, find out more here.

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