Podcast Episode 136 – Airbourne And One Machine

Airbourne And One Machine

Airbourne And One Machine Decimate The Show

This episode of the podcast features an interview with Airbourne drummer Ryan O’Keeffe, and from the archives an interview with Steve Smyth of One Machine.

Ryan touches upon everything from the rumors of his brother fronting AC/DC, what it was like to record Breakin’ Outta Hell and be able to work with their dream team of Bob Marlette and have Mike Frazier to mix the album. What it’s like to have famous musicians wear their merch, and glance over during a festival gig to have what many would consider rock royalty checking their set out. I also take the time to ask about Lemmy and how he ultimately influenced and helped the band.

This episode’s interview from the archives features Steve Smyth of the band One Machine. Among the items discussed with Steve include the writing and recording of the album The Final Cull, if he deals with any sort of pressure when composing, given his past in bands like Forbidden, Testament, and Nevermore. I also couldn’t help but bring up a passion of his, the Oakland Raiders.

The episode features a new track from Void Vator, a band that includes a frequent guest of the show, Erik Kluiber. Check out Void Vator’s facebook page here, you can also view the video for Time Has Come Below.

Tell Airbourne you heard the interview with Ryan, leave your comments on their facebook page, or while seeing them at a show. You can connect with Steve and One Machine here.

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