Podcast Episode 137 – Monte Pittman & Jason McMaster

This episode features interviews with two Texans. First up, Madonna guitarist Monte Pittman discussing his latest album Inverted Grasp Of Balance and from the unreleased archives, Jason McMaster of Dangerous Toys, Broken Teeth, Watchtower, etc.

Among the items discussed with Monte include working with Richard Christy and Billy Sheehan on the album, his use of Kemper amps, and the Rhodes influence on his playing.

Jason discusses everything from SXSW, his relation with Watchtower, having Dangerous Toys grouped in with L.A. strip bands, and he addresses rumors of being offered the lead singer spot in two well-known bands, namely Pantera and Skid Row.

Support the bands you love, and help the podcast out at the same time.  During the episode we feature sound samples of tracks by Monte and Jason’s various bands.  Click on any of the links below to pick up the albums featured during the episode.