Podcast Episode 156 – Armored Saint Storytellers With John Bush And Joey Vera

This episode was many years in the making, thanks to Nikki Law it is now a reality. During this episode I rundown the band’s entire catalog of studio albums, discussing at least two tracks per album with both Joey Vera and John Bush. You’ll hear some common themes throughout, and hear how songs came together both form a lyrical standpoint, and musical composition. You hear Joey and John discuss a bunch of topics, including songs they’d love to rotate in the live setting, and possibly not play again, videos they’ve made, both good and bad, getting songwriting advice from unlikely sources, both wanted and unwanted, butting heads with their former record label over the band’s direction, saving songs because they were holding out hoping Armored Saint would reform, going from a five piece, to a four piece and back.

I do apologize with the hum at the beginning of the episode, it is something that is fixed before the discussion with Joey and John begins.

The first track is discussed at the 14 minute mark.

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