New Releases: July 20th, 2018

Here are some new releases coming out today.

Daron Malakian and Scars On Broadway – Dictator

The last time System Of A Down’s guitarist released an album under this moniker was about ten years ago when S.O.A.D. went on hiatus. With all of what’s being said about the on again, off again new album by the band, one has to wonder if any of these songs were originally intended to be used on a S.O.A.D. album and not the sophomore release by Scars On Broadway.

Tokyo Blade – Unbroken

The origins of Tokyo Blade date back to the heyday of the NWOBHM movement. The band was put together in the late 70s by guitarist and only stable member of the band, Andy Boulton. This album brings back lead singer Alan Marsh for a third time, and is an all-star lineup of the band consisting of different components that have been in and out of the band throughout its career.

Epica – Epica Vs. Attack On Titan EP

This is the Dutch band’s stab at putting material together based on the anime of “Attack On Titan”. The EP was actually released in Japan late last year, and it is now being released worldwide.

Skeletonwitch – Devouring Radiant Light

The Ohio band’s first full length since 2013’s <strong>Serpents Unleashed. The album features the first release with lead singer Adam Clemans, and a turn towards a bit more of a post-hardcore and black metal approach then their previous outings.

Depths Of Hatred – Bloodguilt

The Montreal band unleashes their new EP featuring the band reinventing itself, and debuting their new singer Nico Monette.

Covet – Effloresce

The SF Bay Area trio, featuring guitar wunderkind Yvette Young create instrumental math/djenty rock with elements of post-rock thrown into the mix (think Chon, Animals As Leaders). Yvette has been profiled in guitar mags worldwide for her unique finger tapping technique and was recently featured on Vans’ Girls’ website.

Here are some other releases that may interest you:

The Agony Scene – Tormentor

Jungle Rot – Jungle Rot

Powerwolf – The Sacrament Of Sin