New Releases: 9/28/2018 Revocation, Stratovarius, Terror + More


Revocation, Stratovarius, Terror + More

Check out some of the new albums that are coming out today, including a slew of reissues live albums and rarities.

Revocation – The Outer Ones

The band has been growing in popularity incrementally with each release, with their brand of metal mixes death metal, progressive elements with jazz sprinkled in for good measure. Seen as an underground darling for a long time, their guitarist/lead singer David Davidson is a modern-day guitar hero, he graces many a guitar related magazine and is to a newer generation of players what people like Zakk Wylde, Slash, and Kirk Hammett were to previous generations of aspiring guitarists.

This is the band’s seventh release, their first album came out exactly ten years ago. As per Davidson, this is the most death metal album they’ve released.

Stratovarius – Enigma: Intermission II

The Finnish band’s latest release follows a similar setup to one of their previous releases, 2001’s Intermission. Like the aforementioned album, this compilation is made up of a series of new songs, rare bonus tracks, and songs you couldn’t previously find on CD.

A good chunk of these songs is re-recorded orchestral versions of tracks the band had previously released. This marks the seventh compilation album the band has released.

Terror – Total Retaliation

This is full-on four to the floor hardcore. The album is short but punishing, clocking in at 29 minutes. This album is a hardcore fan’s dream, with fast, catchy, poignant lyrics, and riffs that make you just want to move. This is the L.A. band’s seventh album, and hell they even dip their toes in hip-hop for a split second.

Here are some other new releases that may be of interest:

Brant Bjork – Local Angel Reissue

DevilDriver – Beast Reissue

DevilDriver – DevilDriver Reissue

DevilDriver – The Fury Of Our Maker’s Hand Reissue

DevilDriver – The Last Kind Words Reissue

DevilDriver – Pray For Villains Reissue

Hangman’s Chair – Banlieue Triste

Horrendous – Idol

Once Human – Stage Of Evolution

Onkel Tom – Bier Ernst

Running Wild – Pieces Of Eight: The Singles, Live And Rare 1984-1994

The Black Queen – Infinite Games

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907