New Releases: March 22, 2019 – Motley Crue

Motley Crue The Dirt


Here are some of the new albums that come out today.

Motley Crue – The Dirt Soundtrack

After so many stops and starts, The Dirt is finally here, it would be hard to say that Bohemian Rhapsody influenced the release of this biopic given that it was in the works for so long. The album is essentially a greatest hits album with four new tracks that have The Dirt forced into the lyrics somehow.

As much as I’ve loved this band over the years, and I’d still say that Shout At The Devil is one of the greatest albums ever released, I’d even say four of their albums are in my list of all-time favorites, I think the track “Crash And Burn” (which reminds me of Van Halen) is pretty cool, while the others leave me kind of cold.

When this band is at the top of their game, very few are better, but when they aren’t, it leaves you kind of disappointed given what they’re capable of. I do realize that I have a weird taste in music for most and that a ton of people will love all of these new songs no matter what.

I have no issue with them releasing new music every now and then, I actually welcome it, and applaud them for only doing a handful of songs, rather giving us 1 good song, and 12 mediocre to bad songs for no reason other than to appease a label.

The End Machine – The End Machine

Is this 75% of Dokken or 75% Lynch Mob? Obviously George Lynch, Mick Brown, and Jeff Pilson make up the majority of Dokken’s best-known line-up while subtracting Pilson and adding Robert Mason gives you three of the four musicians to appear on the second Lynch Mob album. Robert is probably best known for his work with Warrant, but his work in Lynch Mob has always been stellar.

By the way would the big metal sites list Mason as “former Ozzy vocalist Robert Mason”? Anyway, getting back on track here, you can argue all you want about Robert’s vocals over Don Dokken’s, or how his version of Warrant compares to Jani Lane’s various incarnations, but what you can’t dispute is Robert’s talent.

The chemistry between the four components is there, each one delivering all of the juicy goodness we’ve come to know from each of them. Although I am a huge fan of George’s, I can say I’m into every project he releases, there are some albums that have one decent song, and the rest does absolutely nothing for me. This seems to be the opposite of that, there is just something special about George and Jeff Pilson working together, they bring the best out of each other most of the time, and it is a shame that they don’t work together more often.

Burning Rain – Face The Music

When Doug Aldrich is on, there are very few hard rock guitarists better. Burning Rain has always revolved around him, and lead vocalist Keith St. John who you may know from his time in Montrose, or even Quiet Riot. This time around the rhythm section is made up of Y&T bassist Brad Lang, and former Slaughter drummer Blas Elias.

Much like their previous releases, Face The Music is an unapologetic in-your-face mix between the 70s and 80s hard rock, that just needs to be played loud. If you’re a fan of Aldrich’s playing, this album surely will not disappoint, it makes you wonder why there aren’t more albums by the band, as it seems like this is a passion project, while what he releases with Dead Daisies is his “day job”.


Here are some other releases that may interest you:

Iron Maiden – No Prayer For The Dying Reissue

Iron Maiden – Powerslave Reissue

Iron Maiden – Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Reissue

Iron Maiden – Somewhere In Time Reissue

Megadeth – Warheads On Foreheads

Witherfall – Vintage EP

Battle Beast – No More Hollywood Endings

Bonnie Tyler – Between the Earth and the Stars

Cellar Darling – The Spell

Good Tiger – Redux EP

Harem Scarem – The Ultimate Collection

Iron & Wine – Our Endless Numbered Days Deluxe Edition

Red Sun Rising – Peel EP

Robin Trower – Coming Closer To The Day

TNT – Encore Live In Milano

The Treatment – Power Crazy

Waylander – Eriú’s Wheel

X – Wild Gift Reissue

Zeal & Ardor – Live In London

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907