Mars Attacks Podcast – Episode 170 – The Non-Makeup Years Of Kiss



I haven’t done a Kiss-centric episode in a long time. They’re the band that got me into music, and after seeing a list that was recently published that pertained to the “greatest” non-makeup tracks by the band, it inspired me to put my own list together.

There is no exact order here, just tracks that I think are cool, and there is really no other reason than that. It flip flops between songs that Gene and Paul have sung, as they did the majority of vocals during this time period.

That isn’t to take away from Eric Carr or Bruce Kulick who each sung a track, but Mr. Stanley and Mr. Simmons have performed the majority of the lead vocals. I also give my behind-the-scenes opinion on something that is on the mind of a bunch of Kiss fans, I can’t say everyone, because there are a lot that honestly doesn’t care.

If you’re a die-hard fan of the bands, nothing here is new, it’s just an excuse to play some cool tunes that as everything else I do years away from the same old same old (for the most part).