New Releases: June 28, 2019 – Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown, Bloody Hammers, He Is Legend + More

Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown

Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown, Bloody Hammers, He Is Legend + More

Here are some of the new releases that come out today:

Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown – Truth and Lies

I was introduced to this Nashville band when their 2017 self-titled album was released. The album really caught my attention as it married old-school hard rock, melodies, and modern-sounding sensibilities.

Some bands try and mix the old with the new, and it just doesn’t come off right, but this band seems to be able to fuse both together without a problem. Truth And Lies is a natural progression by the band, as they kick things up a notch. When people bring up the “rock is not dead” argument, Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown should be part of the conversation.

Bloody Hammers – The Summoning

This is the fifth album from the duo, if you have no idea what they’re about, they mix several types of rock and metal, and infuse it with horror themes. Think the b-movie horror motif similar to the Misfits with their lyrics, mixed with Ghost’s melodies and Kyuss as a musical backdrop.

Their videos are a nod to all of those campy horror flicks that generations of fans have loved, with their music layered overtop. If you remotely like classic horror flicks and are into any of the bands I’ve named, check them out.

He Is Legend – White Bat

This band is the definition of a chameleon, they started out as a metalcore band and have played essentially every form of rock and metal since. And it isn’t as if they have just taken a stab at trying something, they have always excelled and kicked ass when taking each fork in the road. White Bat is their sixth studio album, and they seemed to have spent an extra amount of time pulling the best pieces from everything that they’ve done over the years, and forged it into this release.

There are very few low spots if any on the album, and will please any fan of the band, or hook any new listener that is willing to give it a spin.

Here are some other releases that may pique your interest, including new albums, vinyl reissues, digital-only releases, live albums, EPs, etc.

311 – Voyager
The Black Keys – Let’s Rock
Doll Skin – Love Is Dead and We Killed Her
Majesty – Legends
Turilli/Lione Rhapsody – Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution)
Mammoth Storm – Alruna
The Alarm – Sigma
The Allman Betts Band – Down to the River
The Aristocrats – You Know What…?
Deflore/Jaz Coleman – Party In The Chaos EP
Anthrax – State Of Euphoria Vinyl
Atreyu – Lead Sails Paper Anchor Vinyl
Head Automatica – Decadence Vinyl
Primus – Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People Vinyl
Primus – Antipop Vinyl
Primus – Brown Album Vinyl
Primus – Miscellaneous Debris Vinyl
Primus – Pork Soda Vinyl
Primus – Rhinoplasty Vinyl
Primus – Tales From The Punchbowl Vinyl
Soundgarden – Down On The Upside Vinyl
Stevie Nicks – Stand Back: 1981-2017 Vinyl
The B-52s – Cosmic Thing 30th Anniversary Expanded Edition
David Bowie – The Mercury Demos
Los Natas – Ciudad De Braham Reissue
Los Natas – Delmar Reissue
Beyond The Black – Heart Of The Hurricane: Black Edition
Dog Fashion Disco – Committed To A Bright Future Re-Recorded
Disturbed – Live From Alexandra Palace, London Digital
Generation Axe – The Guitars That Destroyed The World (Live In China)
Gov’t Mule – Bring on the Music – Live at the Capitol Theatre

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907