New Releases: July 19th, 2019 – Ellefson, Sabaton, Flaw + More

Ellefson Sleeping Giants

Ellefson, Sabaton, Flaw + More

Here is a small list of albums that come out today:

David Ellefson – Sleeping Giants US Release

This marks the first solo project by Megadeth bassist David Ellefson. This album is being released in conjunction with his new book More Life With Deth and is full of guest appearances, former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland, John Bush of Armored Saint and Anthrax Fame, Bumblefoot, Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge, David Glen Eisley, Hodor from Game Of Thrones, and a bunch more.

Sabaton – The Great War

The Swedish band is celebrating their twentieth anniversary, this is their ninth album, and if you’re a fan of theirs, well you know exactly what to expect. The band has seldomly veered from their modus operandi, giving fans a good serving of battle-influenced lyrics tied into heavy metal that is influenced by the likes of Iron Maiden, and Helloween.

I’m assuming that most metal fans know of the band, and if they’re remotely a fan of the band or this style of music, will pick the album up.

Flaw – Vol IV: Because Of The Brave

The Louisville, Kentucky band has been around for over two decades and has always worn their influences on their sleeves, being an amalgam of bands like Korn, Tool, Alice In Chains, and Pearl Jam, thus being grouped in with genres like Nu Metal, Alternative Metal, and flat out Hard Rock.

The prevalent theme on the album is honoring the sacrifice of US Servicemen and Women, hence the album’s title. If you’re a fan of the band it will be a no-brainer to pick this album up.

Scott Stapp – The Space Between The Shadows

I’ll admit that I’m a fan of Creed’s heavier songs, they became a punching bag for rock music fans, thanks to them being on the radio all the damn time. Not their fault exactly, name a band that wouldn’t want to make tons of money off of their music.

What I don’t understand is how his former bandmates in Alter Bridge get a pass from most fans or distance themselves so as to not get caught up in the Creed undertow. Sure, Scott has battled his own demons over the years and hasn’t helped his cause at times, but this album seems to be his rise from the ashes.

One could argue that this is his strongest material since Creed, and possibly among the strongest albums, he’s worked on. If you’re into the heavier side of modern rock, this might be worth checking out for you.

Sum 41 – Order In Decline

I actually have everything this band has released, I am a big fan of their first few albums. They, in my opinion, have influenced a ton of other bands over the years, I’ll even go as far as to say that my dislike for the Dee Snider album We Are The Ones is because it’s Dee trying to be Sum 41, not Dee Snider.

For the record For The Love Of Metal kicks ass! This is Sum 41’s seventh album, it was produced by guitarist/lead vocalist Deryck Whibley, and is what many are claiming to be their rawest and heaviest album to date.

Here are some other new albums that drop today.

Machine Head – Live At Dynamo Open Air 1997

Silverchair – Freak Show Vinyl

Live – Throwing Copper 25th Anniversary Box Set

Sarah Longfield – Collapse/Expand Re-Release

Sarah Longfield – Sum Re-Release

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907