New Releases: October 24th, 2019 – Airbourne, Jinjer + More



Here are some of the new releases that come out today:

Airbourne – Boneshaker

Either you love Airbourne, or you don’t, it’s that simple. They put on a great live show, but at this point, they aren’t reinventing the wheel.

Well, they kind of never have! If you love any of their previous albums and love the (mostly) AC/DC influence mixed in with some Motorhead snarl and sarcasm, then you’ll probably love Boneshaker as well.

Desert Sessions – Vols. 11 & 12 ( Arrivederci Despair and Tightwads & Nitwits & Critics & Heels)

The return of one of Josh Homme’s infamous projects. The Desert Sessions have always been a revolving cast of characters, the one constant being Homme.

You can hear him everywhere on this release, what I mean by that is if you’ve dug his music in the past, the quirks, zannyness, stomps, fuzz, or just his brand of rock, you’ll get this album, in every sense of the notion. You’ll understand it, buy it, etc.

Jinger – Macro

The Ukrainian band is poised for big things, they have been making the festival rounds, and growing their audience in the process. Reaction videos on YouTube have more than likely helped also.

Macro sees the band build upon their previous work. They have evolved and become better musicians, and overall composers growing in all directions.

They’re ultra heavy where they need to be, while clean and mellow where it is called for as well. This band has a tremendous upside and highly recommended you check the album out even if you have no previous knowledge of them.

Phil Campbell – Old Lions Still Roar

A few weeks back we posted the first track off of Phil Campbell’s upcoming solo album Old Lions Still RoarThat track featured Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, and below “Swing It” which features Alice Cooper.

Hard to believe that this is Phil’s first solo, and he’s gone about it in a big way inviting tons of special guests, including the two blokes mentioned above, as well as Judas Priest’s Rob Halford on “Straight Up”.

The Almost – Fear Caller

The Almost is the brainchild of Underoath drummer Aaron Gillespie.  The band’s new album, Fear Caller comes out today and features a cover of the U2 track “In God’s Country” which originally came off of their seminal album The Joshua Tree.

Check out the cover below:

Turbokill – Vice World

I was introduced to this band about a month ago, and have been looking forward to this release since. It’s just good old-fashioned German heavy metal with a modern twist.

Bad Wolves – N.A.T.I.O.N.

For a band that criticized some heavy metal icons, (in a joking manner), their debut had more to do with modern rock clichés, than bringing the metal. They have been successful with their cover of The Cranberries classic “Zombie” (we all know the story by now), but something about that album left me feeling like it was Five Finger Death Punch lite.

But can a band overcome being “just that band with that updated cover”, like say Alien Ant Farm? I have massive respect for Doc Coyle, he hosts a great podcast and struggled to make a dime in God Forbid.

I get why he and the band would want to follow in the footsteps of other bands that are currently successful in the hard rock and metal genre. Who wouldn’t want to make a buck, and do what they love at the same time?

The first single I’ve heard off of the album, “I’ll Be There” sounds more along the lines of what I had expected by the band, which is more of a modern twist on metalcore. If you’re a fan of his, or Tommy Vext, I’m sure you’ll check the album out anyway.

Saint Asonia – Flawed Design

I’ll admit I was a fan of those first few Three Days Grace with Adam Gontier on vocals, and have always enjoyed Mike Mushok’s playing whether that’s Staind or Newsted. But the self-titled album just seemed kind of generic to me.

I can get into “radio rock” provided that the melody or playing has something cool to it, and that first album just seemed too cookie-cutter for me. The first single off of Flawed Design features Godsmack’s Sully Erna, and the combination of Erna and Gontier’s vocals sounds really cool to me.

Here are some other new releases that may interest you:

Alcest – Spiritual Instinct

Fit For An Autopsy – The Sea Of Tragic Beasts

Exmortus – Legions Of The Undead

Mayhem – Daemon

Norma Jean – All Hail

Rings Of Saturn – Gidim

Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper – At The Gates

Skinlab – Venomous

Bruce Springsteen – Western Stars – Songs From the Film

Stereophonics – Kind

Van Morrison – Three Chords and the Truth

Exmortus – Legions of the Undead EP

Black Sabbath – Dehumanizer Vinyl Reissue

Motorhead – 1979 Box Set

Motorhead – Bomber Re-Release

Motorhead – Overkill Re-Release

Scorpions – Crazy World Vinyl Reissue

Scorpions – Face The Heat Vinyl Reissue

Scorpions – Love Bites Vinyl Reissue

AFI – All Hallow’s EP Vinyl Reissue

Sunn O))) – Pyroclasts Vinyl Boxed Set

Various Artists – Rock ‘N’ Roll High School (Music From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Vinyl Reissue

Pride & Glory – Pride & Glory Vinyl Reissue

Foreigner – Double Vision: Then And Now

Joe Bonamassa – Live At the Sydney Opera House

Cirith Ungol – I’m Alive DVD/CD

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907