New Releases: October 4th, 2019 Flying Colors, GosT + More

Flying Colors Third Degree

Flying Colors, GosT

Here are some of today’s new releases:

Flying Colors – Third Degree

When you have the names Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Casey McPherson, Steve Morse, and Dave Larue involved in anything, nonetheless combined, the word supergroup is going to get thrown around. This is the band’s third full-length studio album, and similar to Toto, the band came together to prove that these musicians, known more for their work in the prog world could flat out rock.

Or in other words, release music that was more palatable to the general public. That said, this album has many peaks and valleys, and has a little of everything for those that are fans of the components of the band, or just the casual fan that’s looking for something different.

Gost – Valediction

Looking for a mix of darkwave, retro synth, and industrial metal? A fan of Nine Inch Nails, Ministry or Gary Numan, and like a hint of black metal vocals?

This might be the album you’ve been waiting for. Producer GosT has been releasing albums since 2013, and has toured with all types of bands within the metal community. They are signed to Century Media, and this is technically their sixth release.

William DuVall – One Alone

One of the things that I’ve discussed over the past few years is just how William DuVall sounds nothing like Layne Staley, and those that keep saying that have yet to figure out that you’ve been fixated on Jerry Cantrell’s vocals all this time, and mistaken them for Layne’s.

Want further proof beyond Willam’s work with Come With The Fall?  How about this solo album?  You can argue that he sounds different within the confines of AIC, but this further displays what a talented singer and composer he actually is.

The Darkness – Easter Is Cancelled

This is a band whose music has either really caught me or has really done nothing for me. I know they have die-hards that love everything they release, but man I haven’t heard anything off of this album that’s really excited me.

I thought Pinewood Smile was great, love most of that album, it was really the first album that clicked with me by the band, and made me think “ok I get it”. But we’re back to square one on this one. I’m sure fans of the band will check this out, but not my cup of tea.  Sorry just my funky taste in music.

Issues – Beautiful Oblivion

This is a very interesting mix, they’re classified as a post-hardcore band, but this goes to show you that labels aren’t always accurate. Here are a list of bands that I like that are classified in this metal sub-genre: Alexisonfire, American Standards, Asking Alexandria, At The Drive-in, Of Mice And Men, Refused, Touche Amore, etc.

Each of those bands sounds nothing like each other and Issues sounds drastically different from all of them! The vocals are slanted more towards R&B, more like Michael Jackson or D’Angelo. But that might not be a bad thing? This kind of caught me off guard, you be the judge, do you dig it or not?

Mary’s Blood – Confessions

Another one that’s new to me, the Japanese band has been around for ten years. The single for “Labyrinth Of The Abyss” mixes Japanese and English lyrics for (at least to me) an unexpected surprise.

Syberia – Seeds Of Change

Instrumental metal seems to have begun getting popular over the last few years. Here in Spain, Horn Of The Rhino has become super popular among metalheads, and the band has been touring all over Europe in recent years.

Although Horn Of The Rhino are more of a doom/sludge-based band, Syberia’s brand of music has more to do with prog, jazz / black metal chord phrasing, and just straight-up rock. This is their third full-length studio album, and they’re signed to Metal Blade. We featured their video “Seeds Of Change” a few weeks back, you can check that video out here.

Here are some other albums that might interest you:

Angel – Risen
Boris – LφVE & EVφL
Lagwagon – Railer
Insomnium – Heart Like A Grave
Kublai Khan – Absolute
Seven Kingdoms – Empty Eyes
Toxic Holocaust – Primal Future: 2019
In Mourning – Garden Of Storms
Exhumed – Horror
Hideaway – Hideaway
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – Ghosteen
Wilco – Ode to Joy
The Wildhearts – Diagnosis EP
Hellhorse – Paradise Lost EP
Vultures – Hunger EP
Helloween – United Live In Madrid DVD/CD
Whitesnake – Slip Of the Tongue – 30Th Anniversary Edition
Boris – Akuma No Uta Reissue
Boris – Feedbacker Reissue
Epica – Design Your Universe Gold Edition
Hoobastank – The Reason Vinyl Reissue
Taking Back Sunday – Tell All Your Friends Vinyl Reissue
Within Temptation – An Acoustic Night At The Theatre Vinyl Reissue
Down By Law – Quick Hits

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907