New Releases: November 1st, 2019 – Silvertomb

Silvertomb Edge Of Existence


Here are some of the albums that come out today:

Silvertomb – Edge Of Existence

We’ve posted about the release of this album on several occasions, we posted videos for “Waiting”, and “Right Of Passage / Crossing Over”. To fans of Type O Negative, the names Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly will undoubtedly ring a bell. After Peter Steele’s death the two went on to form Seventh Void, a band that really displayed Kenny’s Chris Cornell-like vocals, if Soundgarden ever wants to continue, Mr. Hickey may be the answer?

He sounds kind of like Cornell, and also plays guitar. Anyway, back to the matter at hand, joining these two in Silvertomb are Joseph James on guitar(ex-Agnostic Front), Aaron Joos on Keys, guitar and backing vocals (Awaken the Shadow, Empyreon), and Hank Hell on bass (ex-Seventh Void). The album is possibly a little bit more doomy than what they did in Seventh Void. Obviously, there are aspects there that are similar, especially given Kenny’s voice.

If you liked Seventh Void, or like Kenny’s singing in Type-O this album may pique your interest. If you’re into checking out some new doom metal, check it out as well.

Vessel Of Light – Thy Serpent Rise

We mentioned this album when the digital version became available a few weeks back, you can now pick up the physical CD. This is the first album to feature the band as a four-piece, returning are founding members Nathan Opposition on vocals, and Dan Lorenzo on guitars.

Joining them are two people that have been linked to Lorenzo for a long time, and that’s world-renowned Ron Lipnicki on drums, known for his work with Hades and being the driving force behind quite a few releases by Overkill.  And on bass, you have another Hades alum, the masterful Jimmy Schulman.

Right away you can definitely feel the influence of Lipnicki and Schulman taking the band to another level. That isn’t to say that everything they released before wasn’t great. It’s just that adding those additional ingredients to the recipe makes the dish that much better. Lorenzo’s crushing riffs, Oppositions unique vocals added to a new rhythm section that instantly leaves their mark on the band’s music.

If you remotely like doom metal, stoner metal, or are fans of Lorenzo or Opposition’s other bands, check this out.

Deaf Rat – Ban The Light

Everyone keeps saying “Sweden seems to get it”, there are so many great Swedish rock and metal bands releasing music in 2019, Deaf Rat is one of them. I could easily see them opening for bands like Dead Daisies, Whitesnake, Tesla, or being paired with a band like Inglorious. They mix aspects of 70s hard rock, with a modern rock feel.

Recommended to anyone looking for a new hard rock band to check out.

Eskimo Callboy – Rehab

I found out about this German band a few years back while still writing for Century Media. The band is huge in their native country and has established themselves as one of the premier bands on the European festival circuit. Although they’re labeled as a metalcore band, they’ve truly evolved over the years, adding different things to each album as they go.

A lot of this album is just flat-out hard rock, mixed with the usual electronic/EDM accouterments they’ve almost always added to their music. But there as aspects that might be considered pop, or even modern punk in nature. This is definitely not an album that you can go into with a closed/purist mind.

Voyager – Colours In The Sun

The Australian progressive metal band has been around for two decades, with their lead singer/keyboard player Daniel Estrin being their only constant. This marks their seventh full-length release.

The band does a good job of mixing classic prog metal influences like Dream Theater, and modern prog giants like Periphery. They also mix aspects of music that call back to the 80s, which has been made all the rave by bands like The Night Flight Orchestra, or even aspects of synth-wave similar that made popular by the series Stranger Things.

They’re definitely not a one-trick pony and offer a little of everything to people willing to take a chance on them.

Angel Witch – Angel Of Light

Mark Strigl recently interviewed Will Palmer from the band on an episode of Talking Metal. I also posted about the track “Don’t Turn Your Back” in late August. Let’s be honest, if you are a fan of NWOBHM, you should know the name Angel Witch.

Over the years the band has included Exodus guitarist Lee Altus, and their drummer Tom Hunting; as well as famed Carcass guitarist Bill Steer. Kevin Heybourne has been in the band the longest, his riffs and vocal stylings are synonymous with the band.

He has been named as an influence by a lot of early thrash bands, hence why members of Exodus would be drawn to playing in the band.  It is also why others like Dave Mustaine have praised the band in the past, going as far as sporting one of their t-shirts on the cover of a magazine.

If you’re a fan of the band, I recommend you check this album out, it will not disappoint. This is only their sixth studio album, but it delivers everything you’d expect from the band.

Here are some other new releases that come out today that may interest you.

Nile – Vile Nilotic Rites

Blind Guardian – Legacy Of The Dark Lands

Cannabis Corpse – Nug So Vile

Fire From the Gods – American Sun

Dawn Of Disease – Procession Of Ghosts

Novembers Doom – Nephilim Grove

Rising Insane – Porcelain

Jeff Lynne’s ELO – From Out of Nowhere

Red – The Evening Hate EP

Black Stone Cherry – Black to Blues Volume 2 EP

Bob Dylan – Travellin’ Thru, 1967 – 1969: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 15

The Damned – Black Is the Night (The Definitive Anthology)

Van Halen – The Japanese Singles 1978-1984

Nirvana – MTV Unplugged in New York 25th Anniversary Reissue

R.E.M. – Monster 25th Anniversary Reissue

The Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed 50th Anniversary Limited Deluxe Edition

Cradle Of Filth – Cruelty And The Beast Re-Mistressed

Marillion – Afraid of Sunlight: Deluxe Edition

Incubus – Make Yourself Vinyl Reissue

Suicidal Tendencies – Controlled By Hatred / Feel Like Shit… Deja Vu Vinyl Reissue

Within Temptation – Mother Earth Vinyl Reissue

Eluveitie – Live At Masters Of Rock

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907