New Releases: February 21st, 2020 – Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne Ordinary Man


Ozzy Osbourne – Ordinary Man

So many things have gone down this past week with regards to Ozzy. His No More Tours 2 tour has been canceled once again. It’s lead people to speculate, is he dying?

Are Sharon and Ozzy going to fulfill the death pack they swore to uphold years ago? Will we ever see Ozzy in a live setting? Is this Ozzy’s last solo album? Is it his last album ever? So on and so forth.

What we can be sure of is that this album will be a huge seller and a must-have for die-hards. For all of those poo-pooing the album based on the first three tracks that have been released, you’re going to be in the minority.

Ozzy’s following is so big and dedicated, that people will buy this regardless.

Demons & Wizards – III

This is obviously the third album from the Jon Schaffer, Hansi Kürsch project. The band warmed things up last year by going out and playing a bunch of European festivals, as well as embarking on their first-ever tour.

I’m not sure if they had these songs ready before their live dates, but it seems as if they were really firing on all cylinders on this album. As classic as their previous albums are to fans, this one just feels like it’s a more cohesive outing. It’s as if going out and performing really helped take this album to another level.

Not to pan those previous albums, it’s just this just has something special to it. There are various elements that were not present on previous albums, as if they experimented with some to bring more things to the table.

Hansi’s vocals are really on fire, and Jon’s right-hand riffage is as mighty as ever. They’ve also surrounded themselves with major players, that have been loosely connected to Schaffer over the years. On guitar, you have Jake Dreyer from Iced Earth and Witherfall, as well Jim Morris, best known for running legendary Morrisound Recording studio, where eight Iced Earth albums have been recorded. Ruben Drake from pre-Iced Earth band Purgatory, and Schaffer’s side project Sons of Liberty. Rounding the band out is Iced Earth drummer Brent Smedley.

I use this phrase a lot, but a must-have for anyone that has remotely followed Demons & Wizards, Iced Earth, or Blind Guardian.

Biff Byford – School of Hard Knocks

This is the Saxon frontman’s first solo album. The subject matter is a lot more personal to Byford than the typical lyrics he’s known for.

His voice is very unique so obviously, people are going to say that it sounds like Saxon. But the album is full of guest appearances, that further help differentiates this album for his day job.

The album features Fredrik Åkesson of Opeth, Phil Campbell of Motörhead, Alex Holzwarth of Rhapsody of Fire, Nick Barker of Voices, Dave Kemp of Wayward Sons, and Nibbs Carter of Saxon.

Anyone that loves him in Saxon will want to own this album, as will fans of hard rock music that are looking for a throwback album that still sounds fresh and modern.

Mondo Generator – Fuck It

The band is back after an eight-year hiatus. Most people know this as the band Nick Oliveri focused on after Queens Of The Stone Age, and if you’re new to the band, and looking for something to give you that edge Oliveri provided to Queens, then you won’t be disappointed.

This is classic Oliveri, mixing things up between all things punk, to straight-up rock. It’s fast and loose and in your face.

Horseneck – Fever Dream

Here is a band made up of current and former members of Will Haven and Chelsea Wolfe. They’re a dynamic mix of hard rock, heavy metal, trippy psychedelic rock, and sludge metal.

It’s all an experiment, and like taking a band like Queens Of The Stone Age, and making them a ton more heavier. Looking for a new desert sessions style band to get into? This might be what you’ve been waiting for.

Here are some other albums that come out today that may interest you:

Don Jamieson – Denim And Laughter

Vinnie Moore – Soul Shifter

H.E.A.T – H.E.A.T II

Silverthorne – Tear The Sky Wide Open EP

Lost Society – No Absolution

Pain City – Rock’N’Roll Hearts

The Word Alive – Monomania

Secret Rule – Against

Evergrey – Torn Reissue

Incubus – Light Grenades Vinyl Reissue

Incubus – S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Vinyl Reissue

Metal Church – The Human Factor Vinyl Reissue

Bruce Springsteen – 18 Tracks Vinyl Reissue

Bruce Springsteen – Devils & Dust Vinyl Reissue

Bruce Springsteen – Live in Dublin Vinyl Reissue

Bruce Springsteen – Live in New York City Vinyl Reissue

Bruce Springsteen – The Rising Vinyl Reissue

Dio – The Studio Album Collection: 1996 – 2004

Eric Burdon & The Animals – When I Was Young – The MGM Recordings 1967-1968

Discharge – Protest And Survive: The Anthology

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