Mars Attacks Podcast 178 – Lucas Kanopa Of Void Vator

Lucas Kanopa Void Vator


Lucas Kanopa is an Uruguayan guitarist and lead singer.  He came on my radar a few years ago after being mentioned to me by Patrick Kennison of the band Heaven Below.  Shortly thereafter, Erik Kluiber brought his name up as well.

Erik has been on the show more than anyone else.  He mentioned at the time that he had just left Gypsyhawk, and was playing in several L.A. bands.  One of them was Void Vator along with Lucas.

During the interview, Lucas talks about meeting both Patrick and Erik.  The differences between each band, and how his writing figures into both.  Why he decided to leave Heaven Below, and focus on Void Vator.  Coming from Uruguay with Void Vator’s drummer German Moura.  What it was like to grow up a rock and metal fan in Uruguay.  And a bunch more.

During the episode, you will hear snippets of tracks by the band.  Support the bands you love, if you hear something that you like during the episode that you like, pick something by the band up.  Please support them by going to their Bandcamp page, and picking up their latest album Stranded.

If you want to keep up with Void Vator, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You can also check them out on YouTube, where you can check out videos by the band such as this one: