News: Frontiers Music SRL Free Sound Sampler

Frontiers Spring 2020 Sampler


Frontiers Music has released a free music sampler.  You can download it or find it on your favorite streaming service.  It is made up of tracks from current and upcoming releases by the label.

Here’s the information that was sent to us by Frontiers:

April 10, 2020, was supposed to be an exciting release day for Frontiers Music Srl. New albums from One Desire, Dennis DeYoung, Pretty Maids, FM, and Her Chariot Awaits. But, as we know, the universe had other plans. Rather than let the day go by, the label decided to go ahead and release something anyway. Fans can now stream or download for FREE a 20 song digital sampler. Featuring songs from current and upcoming releases, the tracklisting is below.


To get your hands on the digital files, go to Scroll to the bottom of the page, sign up for the newsletter. You’ll receive a link to download the sampler.
Those who already subscribe to the newsletter, don’t need to do anything else. You’ll receive the link automatically.
Don’t want the MP3s, but want to hear the sampler, then you can enjoy it on Spotify and YouTube at the links below.

+ Spotify:

+ YouTube:


  1. One Desire “After You’re Gone”
  2. Electric Mob “Devil You Know”
  3. Passion “We Do What We Want”
  4. Waiting For Monday “End Of A Dream”
  5. Revolution Saints “Coming Home”
  6. Ardours “Last Moment”
  7. Smackbound “Drive It Like You Stole It”
  8. Black Swan “Johnny Came Marching”
  9. Dirty Shirley “Here Comes The King”
  10. Archon Angel “Fallen”
  11. Sascha Paeth’s Masters Of Ceremony “The Time Has Come”
  12. Semblant “Mere Shadow”
  13. Allen/Olzon “Worlds Apart”
  14. Chaos Magic “Like Never Before”
  15. Edge Of Paradise “Fire”
  16. Novena “Disconnected”
  17. Seven Spires ”Unmapped Darkness”
  18. Her Chariot Awaits “Dead & Gone”
  19. Edge Of Forever “Promised Land”
  20. DeCarlo “You Are the Fire

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907