New Releases: July 10th, 2020 – Enuff Z’Nuff, Static-X

Enuff Z'Nuff Brainwashed Generation


Enuff Z’Nuff – Brainwashed Generation

We recently posted about Brainwashed Generation on several occasions. Initially we posted about the the band releaseing the single “Fatal Distraction” and the follow up “Broken Love”. Brainwashed Generation is the band’s fifteenth studio album. It represents the evolution of the band’s music, while still keeping a firm hold on what brought them to the dance.

There are several guest appearances on the album, including original lead singer Donnie Vie. Fans have been clamoring for this reunion for years, you’ll get a one off on Brainwashed Generation. Donnie appears on the track “Strangers In My Head”. Other guests on the album include Ace Frehley, Mike Portnoy, and Cheap Trick’s Daxx Nielsen.

No doubt in my mind that most fans of the band will pick this up just to hear Donnie and Chip together again.

Here’s the Enuff Z’Nuff reunion fans have been wanting for years, featuring Donnie Vie on guitar, keys and vocals:

Static-X – Project Regeneration Volume 1

This is the first of two new Static-X releases. The album is made up of unfinished tracks by late band leader Wayne Static. He is backed up on the album by the Wisconsin Death Trip lineup of Tony Campos, drummer Ken Jay, and guitarist Koichi Fukuda. Both Volume 1 & 2 are being worked on by longtime band producer Ulrich Wild.

The band has been out on tour for some time celebrating the 20th anniversary of Wisconsin Death Trip. As well as prepping and promoting the release of this album. I other words, they have been celebrating the music of their late frontman. During the tour, and in videos, they have been fronted, by Xer0.  Although there are rumors about who this masked guitarist and singer is, there is no definitive answer as to who he might actually be.

You either got Static-X and their evil disco, or you didn’t.  This album is no different, as it is a call back to what they’ve done in the past, with a heavier twist in places.. It is what you’ve come to expect from them, possibly being better than what most fans would have expected from them in 2020. This release is something that most fans of the band will want to get their hands on.

Check out the video for the new Static-X track “All These Years”:

Kiko Loureiro – Open Source

I remember arguing on social media with some ham and egger about Kiko being an unknown guitarist when he joined Megadeth. He had been in Angra for years, having released his first album with them in 1992. He has been featured in guitar magazines for close to 25 years before stepping foot in Megadeth. He’s guested on albums by Tribuzy, Tarja, and a few others before joining Megadeth as well.I love how the misinformed confuse “new to me” with unknown.

So yes, he was relatively unknown to someone that only accepts the Rust In Peace lineup, hasn’t followed the band or their music for that matter for close to 30 years. Chances are this person didn’t know who Al Pitrelli, or Chris Broderick are either! Sure, to someone whose heavier side of their music collections consists of only “Enter Sandman”, “Pour Some Sugar On Me” and “Sweet Child O Mine”, I agree, Kiko is relatively unknown.

But for someone for someone to say “I’m a die-hard, and like that they picked an unknown like when they brought Marty in”, shows to me that they don’t know as much as they profess. Marty Friedmann wasn’t an unknown either, he was part of the legendary Cacophony along side of Jason Becker. Again, not Kerry King, or Kirk Hammett, or Scott Ian, but if you knew your shit about shredders from Mike Varney’s Shrapnel Records, you knew Marty. Given that he was mentioned in magazines along side other unknowns like Steve Vai, and Paul Gilbert. This is all similar to how Kiko is interpreted as an unknown!

This is Kiko’s fifth solo album, his first since 2012’s Sounds Of Innocence. You hear Dave Mustaine consistently say “this is the best guitarist I’ve ever played with”, I don’t think that’s a dig at anyone. I’ve always taken this as him trying to assure people that’s he’s picked the best possible guitarist to share the stage with. For most people Dystopia was a return to form for Megadeth, largely in part to Kiko and his playing.

Kiko is no slouch, and this album further demonstrates his mastery of the fretboard. He can play almost any style imaginable on the guitar, and his compositions are always well thought out. It isn’t just a basic rhythm beneath with him wanking over top. I’m not an instrumental guy because I need lyrics most of the time, but his playing fills in the vocal gap I often feel is missing from these types of albums.

If that isn’t enough, let’s pour some gasoline on the fire! The album features a guest appearance by Marty Friedman. That will give Megadeth fans enough reason to check this album out alone. If you still don’t know Kiko, and love instrumental music, I recommend picking this album up.

Here’s Kiko Loureiro and Marty Friedmann on the track “Imminent Threat”.


Mike Shinoda – Dropped Frames, Vol. 1

Michael Grant & The Assassins – Always The Villain

Ensiferum – Thalassic

Bloody Heels – Ignite The Sky

Inter Arma – Garbers Days Revisited

Shining Black – Shining Black

Tokyo Motor Fist – Lions

Voivod – The End Of Dormancy EP


Disturbed – The Sickness Vinyl Reissue

Earth Crisis – Salvation Of Innocents Vinyl Reissue

The Hu – The Gereg Deluxe Reissue

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