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Deftones Ohms


Deftones – Ohms

Ohms is the first album by the band since 2016’s Gore. At the time that Gore was released, Stephen Carpenter admitted to not being involved much in the writing process. Chino Moreno recently copped to the fact that the album was rushed.

The band really seemed to find their footing with Diamond Eyes, and extended that into my favorite album by the band, Koi No Yokan. As much as I enjoyed Gore, it just wasn’t as good as the band’s two previous albums. Checking out the first single off of Ohms, the title track, it instantly gave me a felling that the band had found a way to get back on course.

This is the shortest album of the band’s career. It sees Terry Date, who produced the band’s first four albums, work with them for the first time since 2003’s self-titled Deftones. Because the album is slightly more than 45 minutes, does not mean that the band ran out of inspiration. It feels more like they took their best ideas, and just focused on them.

Before the advent of the CD, and 74 minute albums, band’s weren’t scared to only release an album that was shy of half an hour. It was the best these bands could do at the time, and in hind sight, it’s better than getting a ton of forgettable filler. This becomes obvious when band’s reissue albums with bonus tracks that make you understand why they omitted the track initially.

With Ohms, Deftones has been able to capture what’s worked for them in past, and brought it into 2020. While people are busy classifying them as a Nu-Metal band, they’ve obviously missed the point. The band has evolved over the years, and been able to mix Chino’s unique voice, with the meatiness of Carpenter’s riffage. All the while the rest of the band, made up of Sergio Vega on bass, Abe Cunningham on drums, and Frank Delgado on keys and samples are layering in a back drop that can be psychedelic, dreamy, or flat out aggressive for the rest of the band to work with.

The album is receiving outstanding reviews. Even the snooty sites that tend to only focus on something this heavy to bash it are praising the album. This is a must have for any fan of the band. Will take the place of any of the first three albums as your favorite? Well, that’s up to you? Does it half to? No, not at all, there is no reason why you can’t still enjoy this album, even if it doesn’t hold the same emotional connection for you as White Pony or Around The Fur.

Here’s Deftones with “Genesis” off of Ohms:

Cristian Machado – Hollywood Y Sycamore

Machado was the long time singer of Ill Niño, a New Jersey metal band that in recent years splintered into two factions.

He could have taken the easy way out, and just released an album worth of music that sounded like his former band. Instead, this album is full of acoustic guitars, keys, flutes, and percussion that isn’t typically associated to anything remotely rock or metal related. The album is more reminiscent of Jonathan Davis’ Alone I Play, or Sully Erna’s solo work.

The album is a bold statement, and still incorporates some of the underlying Latin American elements that were kind of in the background of Ill Niño’s music. But it is also a big departure from what got him to the dance. A lot of the album is pop in nature, although it does contain a cover of the Pink Floyd classic “Welcome To The Machine”.

I can easily see this album garner Machado a wider fan base, but also alienate a lot of his die-hard fans. Let’s be honest, metal fans aren’t always the most open minded. And that may effect how some look at Hollywood Y Sycamore.

Here’s Christian Machado with “Die Alone” off of Hollywood Y Sycamore:


Kataklysm – Unconquered

The Ocean – Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic | Cenozoic

Sorcerer – The Quarantine Sessions EP


Bob Mould – Blue Hearts

Jimmy Chamberlin Complex – Honor

Fish – Weltschmerz

Ayreon – Transitus

Torch – Reignited

P.J. Farley – Accent the Change

Lik – Misanthropic Breed

Nasty – Menace

Painted Doll – How To Draw Fire

Realize – Machine Violence

Hexx – Entangled In Sin

Chrome Waves – Where We Live

Alpha Wolf – A Quiet Place To Die

War Orphan – Closer To Death Than Life


Guns N’ Roses – Greatest Hits

ZZ Top – Live From Texas

Machine Head – Burn My Eyes

Dashboard Confessional – MTV Unplugged 2.0

Between The Buried And Me – Alaska

Igorrr – Hallelujah

Igorrr – Nostril

Intronaut – The Challenger


Slade – Cum On Feel The Hitz

The Hives – Live At Third Man Records

Steve Hackett – Selling England By The Pound & Spectral Mornings: Live At Hammersmith

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