Sepultura – Guardians Of Earth

Sepultura Quadra


Sepultura has released a thought provoking video about what is going on in their home country. They have teamed with a non-profit called Amazon Frontlines to bring further attention to what is taking place in the Amazonian Rainforrest.


As per their press releases:

Amazon Frontlines is a non-profit organization based in the Upper Amazon that leverages technology, legal advocacy, and movement building to support indigenous peoples to defend their rights to land, life, and cultural survival in the Amazon Rainforest.

Lead singer Derrick Green found inspiration for the song’s lyrics in a post the non-profit made on Instagram. This is what Derrick had to say:

The images of the fight and struggle of various Indigenous tribes, whose existence is under threat as they defend one of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems, were very touching and upsetting. Not only are Indigenous peoples being murdered but their rainforest territories are being burned and polluted at an alarming rate. The movement is inspirational and I felt that their voices needed to be heard loudly.

The video is directed by Brazilian director Raul Machado who worked with the band on the “Choke” music video back in 1998. It contains unique footage provided by Amazon Frontlines of the Amazon Rainforest’s Indigenous tribes and wildlife whose lives are being threatened by extractive industries, government indifference, and deforestation. Amazon destruction is a preventable disaster that affects us all because the rainforest is one of the Earth’s largest carbon sinks and provides critical prevention against runaway climate change. Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, this issue has moved to the background in people’s minds. Sepultura hopes this video will inspire public awareness and action to protect the Amazon.

Mitch Anderson, Executive Director of Amazon Frontlines said the following:

We appreciate Sepultura not only because they’re one of the greatest metal bands of all time, but because they are using their platform to shine a light on deforestation and the struggles of Indigenous peoples

By sharing these stories with the world through their music, SEPULTURA is doing their part to support Indigenous communities, the Guardians of Earth, as they lead the fight to protect the Amazon Rainforest and the planet.

Check out Sepultura’s video for Guardians Of Earth here: