Mars Attacks Podcast 183 – Joey Vera Of Armored Saint

Joey Vera Armored Saint


Armored Saint bassist Joey Vera has been on the show before. He’s been on to do a story tellers episode based on his time in Armored Saint, and lent his comments to the Classic Albums episode on Anthrax’s Sound Of White Noise. Some may not remember, but he actually stepping in when Frank Bello left to go play with Helmet.


Joey’s interview is completely different to the one I recently released with John Bush. Although they were recorded a day apart back in September, I made sure to make them as different as possible. Very few questions overlap, because I didn’t want to make this a paint by numbers conversation. And wanted to ensure that it would be a worth wild listen.

Obviously we discuss Armored Saint’s new album Punching The Sky which comes out tomorrow October 23rd. But, we also discuss many other topics during this hour plus episode. Bonus material from this episode will be available on Patreon shortly.

Among the items touched upon include asking him about how playing in Fates Warning and Motorsister help make him better in Armored Saint. What he may or may not have been listening to help shape what ended up on the album. Why he wanted to work with the same team that was behind him on Win Hands Down, and a bunch more.

I did ask him about the passing of Martin Birch, the legendary producer that worked with Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Rainbow for so many years. Bands that obviously influenced Armored Saint. But I wanted to take this a step further to ask about Martin’s possible influence on Joey as a producer.

I also asked about the passing of Frankie Banali, since Quiet Riot’s album Metal Health helped kick open the door for a lot of L.A. based bands to get signed.

Some people may ask, why didn’t you ask him about Eddie Van Halen? Like I mentioned above, the conversation was recorded in September. Eddie was . It would of only made sense for me to ask about both him and Frankie given that all three bands are from the same general area.

The band’s live stream took place on October 10th, but you can still watch it up until November 9th.

Support the bands you love, pick up Punching The Sky when it comes out, or pre-order it from here.

Here is the video for “Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants” off of Armored Saint’s upcoming release Punching The Sky:

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