New Releases: October 9th, 2020 – Blue Oyster Cult, Ascension Of The Watchers

Blue Oyster Cult The Symbol Remains


Blue Oyster Cult – The Symbol Remains

Today is the day many Blue Oyster Cult fans have waited for. Symbol Remains is the band’s first album in close to two decades. The band has released several tracks off of the album, “Tainted Blood“, “Box In My Head“, and “That Was Me” to help get people’s engines revving.

The album will be worth the wait for most. They could have easily tried to recreate some of their monster hits from the past, but instead, they have just decided to be themselves. This album has the band’s DNA all over it. After all Buck Dharma, and Eric Bloom is still steering the ship. It showcases what they have always done best in the past while keeping things sonically up to date.

Although they haven’t released new music since 2001’s Curse Of The Hidden Mirror, they have consistently toured. Their current line-up, which features the mega-talented Richie Castellano, Danny Miranda, and Jules Radino have all been in the band for quite some time. Castellano and Radino since 2004, while Miranda has been in and out of the band since then.

This is the first album that this lineup has recorded, and although it is inevitable people will bring up the Bouchard brothers, the current incarnation of the band has been able to add a new chapter to the band’s legacy.

Check out the video for “That Was Me” by Blue Oyster Cult here:

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Ascension Of The Watchers – Apocrypha

I recently interviewed Jayce Lewis, drummer, and producer of the Ascension Of The Watcher’s latest album Apocrypha. The interview should be posted shortly. During said interview, he details working with Burton C. Bell, on the album, his history with him, and what he’d like to do moving forward with the band.

It is obvious most of the press for the album will focus on Burton. Especially given his recent departure from Fear Factory. This is Ascension Of The Watchers second full-length release, their first since 2008’s Numinosum.

Apocrypha builds upon what Burton did on Numinosum, adding other aspects that bring the band closer to some of the mellower aspects of Fear Factory. His voice is very identifiable, as a result, what you hear from him off of this album shouldn’t exactly surprise you.

Tracks like “Ghost Heart” and “The End Is Always The Beginning” kind of bridge the gap between what Burton did with Fear Factory and City Of Fire. There aren’t any guttural vocals on the album, but his melodic, clean vocals are ever-present.

What has always attracted me to what Burton does is his ability to switch between the two. But his clean singing currently fits this band best. At least they fit what you’ll find on Apocrypha.

The album leans more towards the atmospheric elements of bands like Paradise Lost or Bauhaus. People will put silly labels on it like Gothic or Dark Metal, and sure there are aspects of both. But there are more ingredients to the secret sauce than just that.

If you’re a fan of Burton’s work, this is highly recommendable. But if you’re looking for something closer the heavier side of what he’s done in the past, this might not be the album for you. If you’re on the fence, just go into it with an open mind.

Check out the video for “Ghost Heart” by Ascension Of The Watchers:

Check out Ascension Of The Watchers’ Apocrypha on Spotify:


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