New Releases: April 2, 2021 – Cactus

Cactus Tightrope


Cactus –¬†Tightrope

The Carmine Appice lead band returns with their first album since 2016’s Black Dawn. The album includes a cover of The Temptations classic “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”. The album sounds and feels like Carmine’s last few projects, which makes sense, given that he’s the focal point of the band.

Check out the title track off of the new Cactus album Tightrope here:

Sacred OathReturn Of the Dragon

This is the band’s first studio release since 2017’s Twelve Bells. With each release, they continuing to do what you’ve come to know from them over the years. This American band lead by the voice of Rob Thorne has always walked a fine line between straight-up classic heavy metal and thrash infused music. This album is no different, the band is solid as usual.

Check out the title track off of Sacred Oath’s latest release Return Of The Dragon here:

Sea Of Snakes – World On Fire

A while back Andrew Bansal of Metal Assault started his own label called, what else, Metal Assault Records. I’ve had him on the podcast, and have followed what he does for years. World On Fire is an album that’s full of catchy riffs for days. Looking for heavy, possessive riffs that will live rent-free in your head for days? Well, this may be right up your alley.

Check out “Let The Fire Burn” by Sea Of Snakes here:

Karma Violens – Mount Of The Congregation

This Greek extreme metal band has put out what is being deemed their most straightforward release to date. The album is straight to the point, and just some good old blackened thrash/death metal.

Here’s Karma Violens with “Embrace” off of Mount Of The Congregation:

Mythic Sunship – Wildfire

This Danish band mixes up a lot of different styles, psychedelia, jazz, and straight-up rock. This is the band’s fifth release in five years.

Here’s Mythic Sunship with “Maelstrom” off of Wildfire:


Helstar – Clad In Black

The new track “Her Black Wings Of Solitude” off of Clad In Black is featured on the Patron curated Mars Attacks Playlist. I post a lot of content to Patreon daily. Posts include videos, polls, and questions. It is all in a troll-free environment. You can join for as little as $2 a month. Want to find out more, or check out all of the great tracks featured on the Mars Attacks Patreon Playlist? Go here.