Signals From Mars – March 26th, 2021 – Joel Gausten

Mars Attacks Podcast Joel Gausten


This episode features author and drummer Joel Gausten joins us tonight on the live stream.

I’ve interviewed Joel a few times, and have messaged him back and forth on social media. He’s always fun to talk to and I figured it was time to have him back. During the episode, we discuss last year’s The 3 AM Girls And More. Bill Ward recently saying he could no longer perform a full Black Sabbath tour. The late Lee Kerslake, and Bob Daisley. The return of The Misfit’s “classic lineup”, and if he feels the “Resurrection” lineup of the band (which he was involved in during the 90s) could make a return. We wrap things up by talking about two secret musical projects that he’s been mentioning over the last few years.

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