Signals From Mars – May 21, 2021 – Iron Maiden Discography

Signals From Mars Iron Maiden Discography Discussion May 21, 2021

PATRON DISCUSSION | Iron Maiden Discography

During this episode of the Mars Attacks Podcast, my Patrons join me to discuss the Iron Maiden discography.

Aside from this, we discuss what my Patreon is all about. The troll-free environment, all of the music that is posted, and how the Patrons are always involved on the site.

Thank you to all of my Patrons that were present, and those that couldn’t make it. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you to those that join us in the chat every week, and those that share, like and comment on the episode posts.

This is the first of many shows that I’ll be doing with my Patrons. Who says membership doesn’t have its perks? If you want to get involved, check out the show’s Patreon page here.

The audio version of this Livestream is also available in podcast format. You can check it out here.

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