Mars Attacks Podcast 233 – Son Of Yarg

Son Of Yarg Mars Attacks Podcast Yarg Metal Mars Attacks Podcast Episode 233


During this week’s episode of the Mars Attacks Podcast, Brad “Son Of Yarg” Dahl of Yarg Metal returns to the show.

Among the topics discussed include bands we started following late in the game, and of course a poison story or two!

This episode of the Mars Attacks Podcast is the audio version of the August 13th, 2021 episode of the Signals From Mars live stream.

Victor M. Ruiz: Welcome on at all to the August 13th, Friday the 13th here episode of the Signals From Mars livestream. I am joined by Mr. Brad Dahl. It is the revenge of Yarg since a

Brad Dahl: son of a Yarg.

Victor M. Ruiz: So, yeah. Yes. So you had a nice post there, you referenced Clorox which, which is funny because I had a conversation about two hours ago. Regarding Clorox and chlorine and pools. So the first thing that came to mind was he’s going to die, but not from that.

Brad Dahl: Oh yeah. You’d be surprised how many calls I get about people when they’re dealing with pool chemicals. And because of that, you know, I’m super, it’s like I am with rattlesnakes. I’m super careful because I’m not, you know, if, if I ever get bit by a rattlesnake, I’ll never hear the end of it. If I ever get pool chemicals in my eye, I’ll never hear the end of it.

So yeah. I always check the wind, make sure I’m not standing downwind and make sure I’m not pouring stuff, you know, powder above my head. It’s just, it’s unbelievable how these things happen. So, Hey Jeremy, how you doing? Good to see.

Victor M. Ruiz: Nice to see you in the chat. I hope you’re doing well. I, as a kid, so I’ve always been lucky.

That we’ve always had a pool. We had an above ground pool up until I was what, a 12 and we moved to new house. And then a year after moving there, we got an in-ground pool and I forget what, how old I was or whatnot. But I ended up getting chemical burns on my hand from the basic, the basic, it’s not a basic acid to their basic or an acid.

It was a basic chemical that was used to clean the pool. And of course, I dunno, like 18 or 19 or maybe in my early twenties. And my skin went completely white. And I was freaking out and my mother was like, it’s nothing. I’m like, oh my God. I’m like, what if this, you know,

Brad Dahl: It’s like I’m turning into Michael Jackson,

Victor M. Ruiz: right.

Well, turning into a snowman, I thought. And and, and then all of a sudden you know, we went to the urgent care and the guy’s like, yeah, it’s just chemical burn in a few days, your turn back to normal, like, okay. Thank you. Well,

Brad Dahl: it’s just a chemical burn. Yes, guy. Yeah. I had a few of those last night too.

Yeah. So I’m going to tell you why I mentioned Clorox in, in the in, in my tweet about sharing this, but first of all, I do have to say we have a special guest here on the podcast. So if you hear some noise in the back,

Victor M. Ruiz: it

Brad Dahl: is Molly. Yeah. It’s Molly, Molly, Molly, the metal dog. And no, she’s not dead.

She just that’s that’s the way she rolls. So. Yeah, her yeah, mom’s not here today. I’m I’m in charge of I’m in charge of everything at the house today. So yeah. Be, be scared, be very scared. So back to the bleach thing, I know we kind of, we talked about bleach for a moment last time and I’m like, how did, how did I miss like the greatest bleach story ever?

Right. So I, I, you know, I answered the phone is Brad, can I help you? Cause that’s the way I answer the phone and this woman says I, so I was bleaching my rectum. Okay. True story. That’s exactly how the call started. I was bleaching my rectum. So I’m like, okay. I kind of had an idea of where this is going. But I was wrong. I was so wrong. Cause yeah, we’ve had a, you know, so many enema calls that have gone bad and, and so that anyway, that’s where I thought it was going, but she goes, but no, no, no. I was bleaching my rectum and I had the bleach in a glass. And my two year old drank it. So I’m like, why did you even, I mean, I believe me, I’m really happy that you told me you’re bleaching your rectum, but it really wasn’t even like the whole story.

It was like, why don’t you lead with my kid drank bleach? Yeah.

Then that started a whole deep dive about bleaching bleaching, your butthole. Which, which of course my colleague was saying, I don’t think she really understands what her rectum is.

Well, yeah, we had a, we had a visiting doctor at the time medical doctor, and so they got on their, their laptop and they Googled bleaching your anus and came up with some very graphic pictures and like, holy crap, this is a thing people actually do.

Victor M. Ruiz: Yeah. I remember listening to Howard Stern years ago, and it may have been Jenna Jamison maybe, or some other porn star who talked about the fact that porn stars were bleaching their anus because the skin was darker than the rest of their body.

So they wanted to even out the color of their skin. And I remember hearing that in thinking a isn’t there some type of makeup or something, you know, or maybe someone needs to develop some like rectum cover up


Brad Dahl: Anal Rouse

Victor M. Ruiz: There you go or thinking if somebody tuning into watch that type of a film, I don’t think they’re really, they don’t care care about the color of the skin of your butthole.


Brad Dahl: You’d be surprised. So, so immediately after the call, I’m like, okay, is this a, is this a real thing or not? So I immediately texted my buddy, Bryan Beller, who’s a bass player to the stars, you know, plays current. Yeah. With Deathklok, well, he played with Deathklok. He now plays mostly with what’s, what’s his name?

Joe Satriani, Joe Satriani. He who’s getting ready to go on tour. He has his own band Aristocrats, great band by the way. And he lives in LA he’s actually from New Jersey. So he’s, you know, of the family. And so I immediately texted him and I said, so is this a thing down there? And he’s like, oh, hell yeah, yeah, yeah.

A lot of people are bleaching their buttholes here. So. So there you go off

We’re getting this episode off to a roaring start. What is that?

Victor M. Ruiz: That’s the epicenter of the porn industry. So yeah, you know, that makes sense. He’s wow. So a lot of people to say hello to in the chat today, Jeremy Rob Rowe. We have Steve hooker. We have Mike Jones joining us.

Hello. Mike looks like you stopped him from bleaching, his butthole tonight. He was about to do it. We have Johan in Sweden. I’m not sure if I’m missing anyone, but I think, I think I got everyone. I think I said Rob Rowe already, if not Robert twice. But yeah, we started off. The the show with a bang having having Brad’s on telling his stories is is, is always excellent.

So we had Brad, you know, I was trying to work out an interview for today was working on it all week. Didn’t work out. I asked Rob to come on. He, he was working. So I said, well, I think Brad said he was free tonight. So let’s see what kind of interesting stories he can tell. And he didn’t disappoint right off the bat.

We, we, it was a walk-off home runs, so

Brad Dahl: I would drop the mic if it wasn’t on a connected to this stand here.

Victor M. Ruiz: Upcoming, just so you guys know for those of you that are patrons, you guys will be able to submit questions for Danko Jones, who I will be interviewing next week. And yeah, and I tried to get him on the livestream, but he’s not available in the afternoons.

And next week for the live stream, we will have members of Edge Of Paradise. So I’ve been featuring their videos recently these last few weeks, because they’re about to release their new album. So I spoke to their singer Margarita Monet a little earlier this week. And she’s, she said that I believe her and Dave, the guitarists will be coming on next Friday.

So look out for that. Steve let’s see, even gets

Brad Dahl: quoted the day, by the way, actually a couple of them.

Victor M. Ruiz: And, and it’s funny because he always says that he doesn’t have the The the, the, the best quotes, but

Brad Dahl: he’s

a funny guy. Yes.

Victor M. Ruiz: He’s got quite a few. It won’t allow me to to copy his quote

over again. Yeah,

yeah. I don’t know. All right. Anyway, you guys can see it on, on the right.

Brad Dahl: Yeah. We need more Patrion supporters.

So we can up the tech stuff here.

Victor M. Ruiz: Well, th they are updating a bunch of things. I’ve been, I S last week I spent 19 hours transcribing the previous show that we did over three days. And I’m transcribing is the new thing for getting better search results. And I want to figure out a, an easy way to do this.

So. You know, we can get more people to join us and not only on Patrion, but here. And the whole idea is just to get ranked better on Google when I do the various interviews and have you on and have anyone else on. And then when we did the Motley Crue discussion a few weeks ago, it did really good. Because obviously when you’re, you’re tagging Motley Crue and members of the band, well, you get their crowd to to join in.

I haven’t gotten any hate mail or any trolls from it. Years ago, I did an episode on Van Halen and Dan Lorenzo currently in Cassius King and Vessel Of Light commented something to the extent of that Van Halen was too happy for him. And it had Van Halen have not existed, nothing, you know, he wouldn’t have missed them or something to that extent.

Holy crap. Did the page fill up with just people, dog piling on the rabbit where they were just lambasting him on, you know, his music and his taste. And boy did the numbers of listeners and downloads go up for that episode. You know, that’s the highest rated episode I’ve I’ve ever had as a result. But it was it was interesting.

Yeah, sometimes you just push some buttons and you know, you get, you get people bent out of shape and they, they feel the need to defend people who otherwise don’t really care.

Brad Dahl: Yeah, that is funny. Cause I know my, my brother, the, the boss, the CEO CEO, Dave, he’s a, yeah. You know, if we got more controversial and said some like crazy stuff, we’d probably get, you know, more people, you know, like, I don’t know.

I don’t like dude. Yeah. That’s not our thing though. We’re not we’re not here to just, you know, rip people and in a way I try to keep it positive. And I noticed you do that in your interviews too. You’re not like looking for the, the clickbait headline. You’re not trying to get people to you know, talk bad about past members of the band or things like that.

And I, I, I try to do that in my interviews too. It’s like, Hey, let’s just keep that you know, on the, let’s just talk about positive stuff. Of course of things. If they bring up stuff fine, I’m not going to go there. You know, I’m not going to try to get them to say bad things about people, but it does get people going in and it does it does light the fire.

But I, I, I liked that the, we have some integrity here between the two of us and we’re, we’re all about the positive talking about bands. We like every, so often we talk about bands. We don’t like, I guess we did that last time. Didn’t we?

Victor M. Ruiz: Right? Yeah. Go ahead. No, I was going to say it’s funny because I’ve had people over the years say that, you know, you need to all right.

So Jose is saying that you’re coming in lower than I am.

Brad Dahl: Well, I think it’s just Connecticut. I think that’s where the problem is.

Victor M. Ruiz: Can be, cause your brother, your brother, Jose are saying that they’re coming in low. He said the same thing. Yeah, maybe the the, the, the I don’t know, the state of Connecticut is monitoring you and filtering you out.

You’re you’re a bad influence. On how would you even, you know, what a residents, yeah. What a residents of Connecticut called Connecticut or what, what, what is it?

Brad Dahl: They’re nutmegs right. Isn’t it?

Victor M. Ruiz: Yeah. I don’t know. But yeah. So I’ve had discussions with people over the years where they’re like, oh, why don’t you why, w why don’t you ask this question?

Why don’t you ask that person? This, the other question I’m like because I honestly don’t want to close the door on certain people, because if you’re, if you’re a certain host sure. You can get away with stuff. And I’ve, I’ve heard interviews from say like a Jamey Jasta or a Danko Jones or people like that who.

Have a career outside of podcasting where there, within the music industry making money and whatnot. So they can talk about certain behind the scenes things without people saying yeah. You know, go scratch, you know, that’s none of your business type of a deal where it’s more of, you know, people see them as a peer, so they can ask certain questions that I can’t ask as a result, you know?

And if you piss someone off, the next person they’re going to is going to be their label or their PR person. And then what happens is, Hey, I want to interview so-and-so on your label. And they’re like you pissed off this guy. Why would I be giving you this other person? You know, so you, yes. Could we do shock factor and, and do stuff like that?

Of course. But you know, you’re also susceptible to. Not being, not being able to do what you want to do and being you know, left with just scraps. Basically. If, if the people you want to speak to are not available to you, you end up just speaking to whoever is available. So,

Brad Dahl: yeah, well, you know, I, I don’t know.

There’s, there’s something to be said for just not being an asshole. Okay. Speaking of which, you know, I meant to show you, cause last time we were maybe going to talk about, you know, one of the topics bands that we didn’t get into till later, or maybe didn’t think they liked and then found out later, Hey, I really liked those guys.

And one of those for me was this band I’ve. As I cleaned out my office at work, I found a whole bunch of papers that students said had written. And I dunno why I started copies of these things, but here’s what. I don’t know if you can read that

Victor M. Ruiz: Anthrax

Brad Dahl: Anthrax. I’ll give the author credit there.

There she is. Yeah. So she wrote, she did a nice presentation on Anthrax, not the band though. Oh, on the poison. Yeah. This is 2001. Holy crap, man. I had stuff in my office from 2001. That’s that’s just awful. Well that’s yeah. So this gone

Victor M. Ruiz: the height of the Anthrax craze there.

Brad Dahl: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was pretty nutty stuff.

When that was going on with people that really thought that the terrorists were coming to get them right. I remember this, this old guy, he was like 90 years old called me up in Southern Utah. And he got an something in the mail. He opened it up and he felt like there was some powder in there and he was like, sure.

It was Anthrax. And I said, yeah, that’s pretty much what the terrorists are trying to do. They’re trying to get rid of all their old people here. Sorry, dude.

Victor M. Ruiz: Yeah, well, it could have been someone messing with him, you know if he was, he was a jerk to someone, maybe, maybe they did do it too. Who knows maybe the end result was, Hey, he’ll think it’s Anthrax, he’ll have a heart attack and drop dead.

Brad Dahl: Ooh, that’d be bad. Now it’s as we found out, there’s a lot of things that go on in mail handling and a lot of these guys, cause they’re constantly handling this, the stuff that they use, I’ll use a lot of baby powder and that to keep from getting paper cuts and to keep things moving smoothly.

So yeah, it’s it’s yeah, it’s not Anthrax. So

Victor M. Ruiz: I’ll have to ask Joshua Toomey the next time that I have him on, because his day job is that he’s a mailman. So maybe he can, he can fill us in on. Why they use talcum powder or what, or what other,

Brad Dahl: how do they keep their hands soft and supple?

Victor M. Ruiz: And maybe that’s it, maybe his mailman, maybe that’s the opposite.

Maybe it was the mailman saying, you know what? This curmudgeon old bastard has been messing with me for so long that I’m going to scare the shit out of him. And what he did was he purposely, he talced up right over his, you know, right out, right over his piece of mail and said, all right, let’s freak this old guy out.

This is revenge for, for X amount of years of doing whatever. Maybe he wasn’t you know, maybe his mailbox is on his porch and he’s got a Rottweiler out in the yard. That’s, you know, messing with the mailman. So I dunno, just a few different angles there. Yeah. You got into Anthrax later. For me. For me, I would consider them probably one of my top five all-time bands.

I got into them around 19 87, 88, maybe. And I, I mentioned this during last week’s episode because there was a whole connection with well, it was Alice Cooper. Alice Cooper was gonna walk Jake, The Snake Roberts to the ring during the WrestleMania III. And he named dropped Anthrax and Megadeth.

So my neighbor went out and got State Of Euphoria by Anthrax and Peace Sells by Megadeth. And I dubbed it off of him and instantly became a fan. So it was, to me it was something completely different than what I had heard before. What got you into them? Like, was there an album, was there a song?

What, what ultimately made the switch a flip up for you?

Brad Dahl: That is a great question, which makes you such a great host. Yeah. Okay. Believe it or not. It was Worship Music. Okay. Yeah. When that, when that album came out in, in part of, part of why I didn’t really like them that much in the first place was, you know, you know, when they first came out there, the videos in that the songs were just like, ah, they’re okay.

But I gotta be honest, Joey Belladonna, his voice really wasn’t working for me. It was just too, too atonal for me. It didn’t have the I don’t know, it just didn’t have substance, but for some reason when I heard Worship Music, it worked for me on that. And I have a really good friend who lives in Texas and he’s a huge Anthrax fan.

And so he was, he was playing it for me. In fact, he yeah, he gave me a copy of it and I was like, man, you know, these songs are really, really good. Yeah, the vocals are working for me, but I got to be honest. Then as I went back, the John Bush stuff, I liked even better because I really like John Bush. I love his voice.

He’s got such a great rock, voice. Great. I mean, the guy, a great singer. I thought the, and I don’t know how many, I don’t know who wrote all the lyrics in the band. I get the feeling Joey Belladonna is not a no work writer. No,

Victor M. Ruiz: it’s Scott, Scott,

Scott writes the majority of the lyrics. And then when John Bush came in Scott would kind of give him a blueprint of what he thought this song should kind of be about.

And they kind of like mix things together. John has a lyric book where he’ll come up with ideas and he’ll just write stuff like on the fly. He’s constantly writing. Like different things and he’ll sometimes listen to a riff and then say, oh wow, this will go good with that. So it’ll kind of be the foundation that he’ll go with or he’ll, you know, Scott will say, Hey, you know, I was thinking about writing a song about this and they kind of, you know, kind of do it together, type of deal.

One of the reasons why he wouldn’t come back to do worship music was because they wouldn’t let him touch the lyrics. And he said that he felt that some of the lyrics were kind of goofy, that they didn’t represent like something that he would sing. It’s interesting that you mentioned that you felt that Joey’s voice was different there because they tried so many different singers or they wrote, you know, they wrote with John Bush in mind, then they did some of the, you know, they ended up doing some of the songs with Dan Nelson who came in after him.

And then there was. Corey Taylor of Slipknot who was going to work on the stuff. So, I mean, I don’t know if there was ever anything exchanged back and forth between them. I do know this. I mean, I got to see them with Dan Nelson in concert. Mitch Lafon has several of the songs that Dan Nelson sung because Charlie personally sent them to him so he could check them out.

And for a while there, when I would have Mitch on the show way back when well actually I tried to to get him to turn or to at least let me listen to those songs. You know, over the phone, even I said, I just want to hear what they sound like. You don’t have to give them to me. But I said, because I’m the last Van Halen album, A Different Kinds Of Truth that came out here like nine hours before it came out in the U S and he was you know, he wanted to hear that so bad that I said, okay, I’ve got it.

I’ll let you listen to it. If you let me listen to those Anthrax songs. And he was telling me, no, Charlie’s a friend and I can’t do this, you know, because if he ever finds out, I’m like, I’m not going to tell Char Hey, Charlie Benante, Mitch Lafon let me listen to these four songs that you forwarded to him. I was like, come on.

You know, so I never, I I’ve never heard outside of what I’ve seen him sing live. And the only thing that they did live that ended up on Worship Music was the cover. Of a Swedish band called Refused. There’s a song of theirs called New Noise, which is all the way at the end of Worship Music. It’s a hidden track in, in the last song, which Dan’s voice fits the song a lot better in my opinion than, than Joey’s voice.

Because when Joey tries to do like an aggressive part, his voice just doesn’t do it right for me. I loved Joey’s era in Anthrax, but John Bush, the Jon Bush era, there’s, there’s just the lyrics, the music, and the point in time in my life where, you know, there are certain albums that I knew Johan would would like that I brought up Refused.

I purposely said Sweden, because of that. There are albums that you can pinpoint. And remember, I was listening to this when this went on or this album helped me through this tough time or whatever. We all have those albums that we pinpoint. And those Bush era albums helped me through a lot of crappy times, you know, through like personal, shitty stuff that was going on in my life.

And a lot of times it, you know, it was me cranking a lot of that music and listening to the lyrics and singing along to the, to the lyrics to help me through that stuff. And I I’ve said that to him when I’ve got to interview him also the album Volume Eight is my favorite album by Anthrax. And I mentioned this as well, and he, he got a big kick out of.

That I would play the first three songs off of that Crush, Catharsis and Inside Out, over and over again, when it first came out for two reasons, one, I loved it. And two, my ex-wife hated hearing those three songs over and over again. So that was my kind of revenge for having to listen to country music all the time when we were in her car.

So there there’s that. Okay. I’ll, I’ll give you a band that I didn’t get into later as well. And I didn’t get into this band up until probably three years ago. And the reason that I took me so long to get into them, I say that they’re one of my midlife crisis bands is because being from New Jersey, Of course, what are you going to hear on the radio?

A lot of music from New Jersey. So there are certain bands that got played a lot and Skid Row was one of them. I absolutely hated Skid Row because you would hear Youth Gone Wild, 18 & Life, I Remember You every single day on the radio, over and over and over again, mixed in with Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi.

And occasionally you would hear The Smithereens and that’s like the extent of New Jersey music. That’d be filtered into the terrestrial radio stations a few years ago while I was here, I was like, okay, everyone that I know likes this band. I’m, I’m the sore thumb here. I’m the only one that doesn’t like Skid Row.

Let me give it a shot. So I said, okay, I’m going to sit down without, with an open mind that I’m going to listen to this. And I started listening to the first album. By the time I get to the last song, I realized that I knew the entire album already due to the fact that Eddie Trunk would play them every Friday night.

And he wouldn’t play the radio hits. He would play the quote unquote deep tracks. So I knew Sweet Little Sister and I Knew Torpedo and I knew all the other songs. And I have to say that I, the first three albums with Sebastian Bach, I Rob Rowe, just, just posted it. I really enjoy the first three albums.

There are some songs that Johnny Solinger that I like as well. But those three albums are, are great. I think Subhuman Race doesn’t get enough credit just because of when it came out and because of fans being. Fickle idiots that nothing after 89 is good anymore. Right. But Skid Row’s, first album came out in, I believe, 90 or 91 and their second album came out in like, no, the first one came out in, maybe it was 89 and the second 1 91.

And then the third one was 95. So a lot of times it’s the fans’ fault for not hanging in with a band or giving them enough time to check out other material outside of the hits. Imagine if, if somebody came up to CEO, Dave and said, I’m a huge Black Sabbath fan, I love Paranoid, Iron Man and War Pigs.

And, and you say, well, do you love Supernaut, do you love Hole In The Sky? Do you love National Acrobat? What songs are those? Oh, it’s not, you’re a huge fan, you know? So there are a lot of people, oh, I love Skid Row. They’re one of my favorite bands. You know, why didn’t they release anything after their second album?

Yeah. They’ve released like three other albums in two EPS, if I’m not mistaken, you know, so a lot of times it’s not that the band suck it’s that the fans suck and give up and stop following. And I forget, I forget who someone mentioned. Oh, okay. So someone posted a new Billy Idol song, which I’m going to be posting in Patreon.

And one of the comments was, oh my God. I’m so glad he got Steve Stevens back and I responded I’m like Steve Stevens came back in 94. He’s he’s released four albums since then, you know, it isn’t that Steve Stevens came back and said, you finally come back. You know, it’s just kind of asinine. So Mike Jones here saying Skid Row is definitely a band whose deep tracks are better than their radio hits.

100%. My Skid Row playlist does not have their radio hits because I like the other tracks better. And after, you know, after I listened to those albums openly, I will say that I almost exclusively listen to them for like two or three months because I was, I thoroughly enjoyed it. So Mike Jones, I agree with you 100%.

Robert was saying that Mud Kicker is one of his favorites. Cool track as well. Again, no Mud Kicker and sweet little city. Eddie Trunk could play those songs all the damn time. So what’s another band that you got into later.

Brad Dahl: Yeah. I’m writing down Mud Kicker. Cause I, I gotta, I gotta check that out.

Yeah. Well, real quick about the Skid Row though. Yeah. Again, when they first came out. And, and it was just the tone of Sebastian’s voice was just, ah, I don’t know, man. It didn’t, I mean, it’s nothing against his singing. I mean, the guy’s a great singer at least on record person, great singer. Yeah. Yeah.

Which by the way, you do an awesome impression of him. Yeah. It, and, and that was, I don’t know, that was part of my struggle and the songs were just going to, eh, but I’d heard several interviews with Dave Snake Sabo man. He seems like such a cool dude. And I was like, I need to give these guys another chance.

I need to dig into it a little bit more. And I got to say those EPS, the last few things that they released, I really liked that stuff a lot. I really like where it is musically in that now I’ve seen Sebastian Bach solo. Let’s see a few years ago at M3. And I got to say he was actually really good. I mean, his singing was, was totally on, he was very entertaining and it, yeah, I w I w I was, I was like, wow, he’s you know, this is really good, but the songs, the hit songs and the ones I knew were just kind of like, and those are usually the ones when, you know, people are playing songs, you don’t know that you’re like, oh, okay.

But the songs weren’t really grabbing me. So then I saw the next year at M3 Skid Row played. And I can’t remember who the singer is now, or the singer that sang with them. Then it was, I think it’s their current singer. I mean, he was good and everything, but again, the songs were just kind of, I don’t know,

Victor M. Ruiz: Yeah, I have to see what they record with him.

Z P something. I forget

Brad Dahl: that guy.

Victor M. Ruiz: He was the singer and Dragonforce. The only time, the only time that I’ve, I’ve seen DragonForce live and the one time I saw them live, they weren’t live. So we walked, we, we saw that what they were playing and not a lot of people were upfront. Well, when they came up and they played, so we’re like, all right, well, let’s walk up and see, we were watching them.

And I was with a friend who’s, who’s a guitars too, has a band that had some notoriety here locally. And I turned to him and I say, I don’t think they’re playing. And he says, what do you mean? I go look at where they’re, where they’re on the neck. And listen to the notes that are coming out and he starts analyzing like really looking at the guitars fingers.

He goes, holy shit. I think you’re right. So the first song finishes and they’re still there. They’re it ends like with, with one whole note, you hear the note and then like a second later they all hit that note. It’s like, wait a second. You guys aren’t playing. So we saw a little more and we walked away and it was like, they’re, they’re selling these guys all, they’re the most proficient guitars, then they’re this and they’re there.

And then there’s a whole video with with Herman Li playing on their water at the Monsters Of Rock Cruise. And, and they show like this whole thing. Oh, well, he’s got the He’s he’s got the the dammit now I don’t even remember the, the wireless system is taped to the back of the guitar and it’s, it’s sealed and it’s this and it’s that.

And I’m thinking pickups will not work on their water. First of all, because magnets will not work on their water. Second of all, it’s physically impossible with the strings to generate enough, enough force to make it come out through, through the pickups. I’m like, he’s, he’s not playing, you know, and what sounds were like coming out weren’t exactly notes, you know, once he was like somewhat out of the water, you know, he, yeah.

Okay. So he was strumming and he was making some sort of a noise, but it wasn’t as if, oh my God, look, he’s playing like Yngwie all of a sudden, you know, so. Th th that whole band after seeing those two things is, is a complete shit show to me. I, I don’t understand their, their notoriety. I’ve seen video of, of ZP singing with Skid Row.

And I know they have him there because he’s not a headcase basically, and he doesn’t drink. And, you know, he does what they ask him to do, but the videos that I’ve seen, it’s like having Bruce Dickinson singing with Skid Row. And it, I dunno, it just felt kind of off to me personally, but yeah.

Brad Dahl: Go ahead and I get, then I get it done.

So I don’t get not actually playing though. That that makes no sense to me, but whatever. Wow. That’s crazy.

Victor M. Ruiz: Studio

magic. So, so many bands that, you know, oh, we played 280 beats per minute in the studio. Sure. With a computer and with speeding the stuff up, but then when you play live. You’re not playing live.

You’re, you’re playing your computers, playing the tracks and you’re just kind of Milli Vanilling it. So

Brad Dahl: yeah,

no, that ain’t cool. All right. So another band that I was late, late to the parties Accept

Victor M. Ruiz: okay.

Brad Dahl: And, and again, it was the, it was the singer that kept me from really getting into it. Cause I mean, well, first thing I heard was Balls To The Wall because of the video.

And I was like, oh, the song’s great. But you know, this guy, his voice is what the hell. And so what happened for me is years ago, I went through this, a music festival, South Texas Music Festival. And Saxon was headlining. That’s why I went Udo was playing right before them. They were actually on tour in the U S together doing club dates.

And then they’re playing this big festival. And I got to tell you, man, when, when Udo came in. Well, number one, his band was awesome. Okay.

Victor M. Ruiz: Right.

Brad Dahl: When he came out, it was like he had, he had, I don’t know, he just had this aura, this weird kind of like, I was like, okay, I’m in, I’m totally in on this guy. And, and the fact that he, the fact that he can sing like that and do an hour and a half show, actually singing and, you know, and he’s a good singer.

I mean, he hits the notes. Right. And anyway, I was like, okay, I’m, I’m a hundred percent in on these guys. And then I went, of course, bought every album and a huge fan now, huge fan of his solo stuff. Just because of the music rocks. And I mean, it’s yeah, the rifts are just unbelievable. Yeah. And so, yeah, so I became a huge Accept fan, but it took many, many, many years for me to, to get into it.

And I love the whole thing and saw except this last year. Well, it was just a few months ago at M3 with Mark Tornillo. Tornillo Tornillo Tornillo. We’ll go with that final answer. Who’s also from New Jersey, so everything goes back to Jersey and and the funny thing was Shelly, my wife, whenever we’re in the car and an except song comes on something with Udo or, or a U.D.O. Song comes on, she she’ll put up with it, but she she’s not.

And it’s mostly because of his voice. She, she didn’t. And I said, I get it. I get it. So w when Accept came on at M3, she’s like, ah, I’m going to go for a walk. So she did, she went for a walk and then she came back a few songs later. You know what I really like this, this is really, really good. And I said, I know, I know it’s like something magic happens when you actually see the, the songs being played well live.

And, and I got to say, Mark, the live, did a fantastic job with the old Accept songs, but I got to also say that it was incredible that they played a lot of songs off the new album and then songs off of there, you know, other Mark albums. So, so yeah, so I, I don’t know. It’s I love, I love everything about all layers of what these guys are doing.

And then of course, I got to meet Udo. I interviewed him and his son Sven who his son was just so dang cool. And what you know, you can find that on a Yarg Metal. Channel, you can watch the interview with me while you can listen to it anyway. And those guys couldn’t have been cooler to me and it was one of those things.

You’ve probably had this Victor where you, where you’re like, oh crap. Then I found out like two hours before I was going to interview them that I was going to interview them. I was actually down in Arizona at a CE meeting, a toxicology CE thing, trying to get my credits so I could keep my license and I’m sitting there and they’re talking about medical marijuana and all of a sudden, I get this text on my phone.

Hey, you know, if you can meet the band in one hour, you, we can do an interview. Oh my gosh. So immediately I get out a pad of paper and I’m writing down like, okay, what am I going to talk to them about? I got it. And I start writing down all these questions. And I get to the club and I’m in the back in the green room of the club.

And these guys come in and my questions, I was kind of walking around the room, kind of just, you know, filling the place out. But I left my questions wherever in the other side of the room and where they wanted to sit. We, we sat way over here. And so I didn’t have any of my questions. And to this date, it was like one of the most fun, just interesting interviews.

And I just felt like, I felt like we were just talking. Right. It was, it was just very, very cool. And these guys, like I said, they couldn’t not have been cooler to me. And and yeah. So there you go. So, so for, for everything, the music and everything else, Udo, he he’s, he’s always got a place in my heart. So.

Victor M. Ruiz: Yeah, he I’ve gotten to interview him once and his son wasn’t in the band yet, but when he called me on Skype, it was under his son’s name. So it was funny because I, I forgot what label he was with at the time. And maybe the same label he’s on now, but they said, oh, the name that’s going to pop up is Sven, Sven, something else.

And and I was like, oh, okay. And then when it came up, it came up as Sven Dirkschneider . And I was like, oh, and a year later when he becomes the drummer, I’m like, wow. So theoretically. His old man was calling through his son’s account. It’s funny because once the bigger someone is because Johan is mentioning how big Sweden or how big, Accept was in Sweden and all over Europe, to be honest back in the eighties, the bigger an artist, a lot of times the nicer they are, and you’re able to just have like a normal conversation with them and they almost prefer that stuff as to the, so how’s the album going?

How is the how’s the tour going? It’s like the, the last time that I spoke to a Drew Fortier I, I asked him, what did I ask him? So what’s the feedback been with your I forgot if it was his book or the movie he had released. And I said to him, I said, scratch that. I go, you know, I always harp on people that ask those types of dog shit questions.

I go, there’s nobody. That’s going to come up to you and say, your book is absolute shit, but I want you to sign it for me, you know? It’s, it’s always gonna be, you know, people are gonna come up to you and give you, they’re going to give you positive reviews. They’re not going to come up to you to say, yeah, that’s garbage, but I want your autograph anyway.

They won’t say it to your face. They may say it behind the scenes, but not to you, you know? So yeah. Udo is, is funny because, and Accept, because like you said, Balls To The Wall Balls To The Walls I knew, but I remember. You know my thing when I would come over to Spain when I was in middle school and more so high school, maybe I would come back and I would bring albums for my friends stuff that they couldn’t get here.

And I remember there was a compilation that had, it started off with a Fast As A Shark, Fast As A Shark or Reckless And Wild. I forget which of the two. And once I heard those songs, I was like, oh my God. I’m like, this is, wow. This is what I’ve heard. You know, everything that I’ve heard about them, like the myth, but, you know, I couldn’t get passed Balls To The Walls and any, any other song that I heard, like, it didn’t captivate me.

Like those two songs, those songs were fast and just the guitar parts and the double bass and stuff like that. And all of a sudden it clicked. I understood. So. For, for me, a band that I got into later, and I was talking to Steve Hoeker about this earlier this week. And I mentioned this it came up because when I interviewed Roch last week, he talked about seeing Metallica with less than a thousand people in a, I believe it was in Quebec City, he mentioned, or no, or no, it was Victoriaville up in up in the Province of Quebec in Canada.

And Steve brought up the fact that both you and Roch had seen Metallica early on without having huge crowds in front of them. And I have to admit that the first thing that I ever heard from Metallica. Was Fade To Black, but I didn’t know it was Metallica because I was under this preconceived notion that I w with the dumbness of being kids.

I’ve mentioned this a bunch of times growing up, you were either a Metallica and a Slayer fan, or you were an Anthrax and Megadeth fan. So I had no idea that I had Fade To Black for years because I had recorded it off of a local metal show show that Eddie Trunk appeared on this was before he hosted it.

He was the, the host was called Cheryl Richards and she called him the Dunkin Donuts boy. And because there was a Dunkin Donuts down the street from the radio station, and she would say, oh, the Dunkin Donuts boys come in to do the metal news at midnight little. Did she know that the, the Dunkin Donuts boy was going to blow up a lot bigger than her.

In, in many ways and she would be taking his job in, or her job in, in no time. But anyway, they he, he or she played Fade To Black, I had no idea it was Fade To Black and I would hear, you know, I remember hearing, I remember hearing the song Harvester Of Sorrow off of, And Justice For All coming out.

And I was like, this is kind of cool. You know, I can kind of get into this, but then I heard One and then the video for One came out and it was constantly on MTV. And I’ve never liked the song One, not only because it just never caught my attention, but it was rammed down my throat continuous. I’ve seen them play it live and enjoyed it live because you’re in the moment and whatnot, but it’s not a song that I, you know, I, I want to listen to Metallica.

Oh, I’m going to listen, listen to One. No, that’s usually not what happens. So fast-forward to the black album, which just celebrated its 30th anniversary. I remember coming back from Spain and having friends of the metal dentist and myself who we were in a band with. And the, the, our late guitarists said, you’ll never guess this, but you have to listen to the new Metallica song.

And I said, why, why would I want to do that? It’s not what you expect. And lo and behold, later on that day, I heard Enter Sandman for the first time. And I was like, oh, Okay. I can get into this. And what ended up happening was the album came out and he said to me, he said, okay, I’m going to record two songs for you.

And after hearing those two songs, you tell me if you like Metallica or not. And he recorded Of Wolf And Man, and he recorded Through The Never for me. And I would play those songs constantly over and over and over again. And I was like, okay, I’m sold. And I remember him telling me from now on never listened to what anybody tells you, what you should like and what you shouldn’t like.

Listen to music with an open mind. And from that day forward, I was a fan of Metallica, but it wasn’t until the black album. Then I went back and I became a huge fan of theirs to the point where. When I moved to Spain, my wife was a huge Doors fan and I’ve never gotten into The Doors. I can stomach them now if she wants to listen to them.

But it’s, again, something that, because I heard it so much on the radio growing up, I just never had an affinity for them. We were having a discussion, not that long ago, because I’ve been, I’ve been telling my kids that that we’re going to do a podcast together. And I was telling my wife, well, you’re going to be involved as well.

We’re going to talk about different music that we listened to. And and I said, what’s your favorite band? And she says, she says now, and I said, yeah, it’s The Doors. Right? She goes, no, The Doors probably wouldn’t be in my top 10 right now. I’m like, oh, okay. So who’s your favorite band? She goes out without a doubt, Metallica I’m like, whoa.

So that’s something that, you know, I brought into her life among other things that, you know, now that’s her favorite band. So there you go.

Brad Dahl: That’s that’s cool, man. That’s cool. I see you guys are talking about a new Dream Theater song coming out.

Victor M. Ruiz: Yes. The alien. I’m going to post that as well. Yeah, yeah.

Brad Dahl: Right. Yeah. I want to hear it. It’s kinda interesting. I mean, Dream Theater is one of those bands that I like, but I can only listen to so much, you know, cause it kind of gets a little samey for me. That’s why I like, I like it on Yarg Metal because you get it, you get a Dream Theater song, then, then you get something else.

Okay. I like, yeah, but to sit down and listen to a whole Dream Theater album, which I’ve done many times back in the CD, you know, back, back in those days when we had any albums. But I find it interesting that they’re leading off with something that’s really heavy as the first song off the album, which that’s cool.

I, I, I’m excited to hear it. Yeah. There, there

Victor M. Ruiz: was talk that this album was going to be a lot heavier than some of their last few albums Dream Theater is Jerry from long Island’s favorite band,

Brad Dahl: really?

Victor M. Ruiz: Yeah. He’s mentioned that to me several times. Yeah. I didn’t get a chance to listen to the entire thing because I listened to like the first three minutes, it’s a nine minute song.

And, and I said, okay, since I’m going to be posting this on Patreon, I’ll listen to it when I post it. But yeah. When Black Clouds And Silver Linings came out, which I believe is the last album with Mike Portnoy, I really loved that album. And I listened to quite a bit, but. I w I told you a story earlier this week about having a pet that was poisoned.

And it was a whole unpleasant experience. The last again, snapshots in your life. The last album that I listened to that day before all these shenanigans went down was, was that album by Dream Theater. So for some reason, I can’t listen to it all the way through now. And I guess it’s just like a subliminal thing where it conjures up memories of a of, of a situation that wasn’t all too happy.


Brad Dahl: I get that. I totally get that well. And, and along with the thread of mine, night of not liking bans, I got to say James Labrie. I mean, his voice is all right when he’s really rocking, but when he gets into the vibe broader and really soft stuff, it’s like, oh, geez,

Victor M. Ruiz: He’s definitely for me, the, the, the weakest link of that band.

Brad Dahl: Yeah. And I I’ve seen him live a few more than a few times, I guess, and they’re really good. But he kinda sometimes doesn’t seem like he, you know, he just comes out and sings and then he walks away.

Victor M. Ruiz: Right.

Brad Dahl: Yeah. They’re just and vibe is just kind of weird. So, so yeah, but but yeah, I think there are great.

I, I, when I saw him open up for maiden, when they were doing that to her, that was like the perfect amount of Dream Theater for me. I mean, it was like, that was, that was great. I love the whole thing. I loved every minute of it. It was, it was fantastic. But I’ve seen when I’ve seen him do a headlining show, it’s, it’s kinda like yeah, yeah.

And you know, yeah. Nobody wants that, man. You don’t want to, you don’t want to be looking at, you know, hoping, you know, is this their last song? Please?

Victor M. Ruiz: Right, Well

Brad Dahl: You don’t want that

Victor M. Ruiz: they have, they have a diehard following. I’ll say that

Brad Dahl: Oh yeah

Victor M. Ruiz: okay. So I saw them. Wow. I saw them in 2009, June 19th, right before my son was born. Wow.

Surprise that my wife, that I was even able to, to manage that one. But see if I can look at the poster here. Don’t open for me. Yeah, that was with that with DragonForce. So that was night number one was, I can’t even read this or a Crucified Barbara, Gojira, Devildriver. Hot leg, which I don’t remember Cathedral, Suicidal Tendencies, who, who wasn’t the headliner, but closed the night out a Cradle Of Filth, which was interesting.

Seeing a black metal band at like 1:00 PM Trivium Machine Head who was great that night, Jay and then Journey and Marilyn Manson, Marilyn Manson kept it off by the worst performance I’ve ever seen live. The next day was Lauren Harris, Steve Harris from Iron Maiden’s daughter. God Forbid, Hatebreed, DragonForce.

That was that DragonForce performance, Buckcherry or Josh Todd from the stage says, Mexico, are you ready to listen to Crazy Bitch? I’m like, you flew. At least 12 hours to get here. You flew across the damn ocean to get here. And you don’t know that Mexico’s in South America, not Europe, you asshole.

Brad Dahl: Yeah, that’s yeah, that’s, that’s a pretty bad mistake.

Victor M. Ruiz: Papa Roach, who we listened to from our tents Anthrax, that was, I believe that Dan Nelson performance, we were supposed to get Thin Lizzy with John Sykes on lead vocals, but they canceled the last minute and we got Lizzy Borden instead. We got,

Brad Dahl: how was Lizzie Borden?

Victor M. Ruiz: Who all right. You know, what, what I would expect came with, you know, the Kid Rock cutout American flag as a shirt and a bunch of, you know, bikini clad babes with W w w with vinyl and American flags all over the place.

So, yeah, In Flames who had their keyboards lost by the the airline company. So they couldn’t play any songs with keyboards is, is what the lead singer said. And it was funny. It was kind of chilly. And I mentioned this to Johan one night when we spoke, he says, we’re, we’re Spain. Why is it so cold here?

You know, it’s colder here than it is in, in Sweden right now. We just left Sweden. And it was, I don’t know how hot and I’m freezing my ass off on stage. He was saying, if I get, he didn’t realize that here in the north of Spain, the humidity will do that shit to you. And then we were capped off by Motley Crue.

Motley Crue getting booed off the stage for, for only doing an a 90 minute headlining set with a 20 minute 20 minutes out of that, of Tommy Lee, trying to get a, a blonde to to take her top off. So yeah. 90 minutes, minus 20 is 70. They played, they played about an hour for a headlining set.

So people were none pleased about that.

Brad Dahl: Yeah. I play music for hell sake.

Victor M. Ruiz: Yeah, absolutely. And then it was, it was a funny because Hatebreed, closed everything up. And I guess they had been there the night before and Jamey Jasta. Says only, only in Europe. Could you have us in Journey on the same festival bill. And he goes, that’s, what’s kind of cool about the whole thing that you can see us, a hardcore metal band, and you can see Journey and, you know, Motley Crue and Dream Theater and all these bands, it’s different types of music, or it doesn’t have to be just one type of hard rock or metal like it’s done in the, in the US as cool as M3 is, I think that’s one of the limiting things.

It’s just that they focus on one, one era, one type of band. And, and I get that, you know, because that’s, that’s the clientele But I think that there are other bands within that era that, you know, they could also incorporate, but, you know, whatever people, again, people are fickle and people are stupid.

So I don’t think it’s the promoters fault, I think it’s the fans fault that we’ll start with. Ooh, it’s not, it’s not real metal men, so,

Brad Dahl: well, yeah. And

I got to say this because I’ve been M3, three times now and I love it just because there, there is a slight amount of variety there, cause they’re not, they’re all kind of eighties bands, but that’s when they made their coin.

But but they’re not all the same. And, and, and the cool thing is for me, they bring in these bands that are kind of like had a moment and have dropped off the map and somehow gotten back together, like, okay. So the last one we just saw a couple of months ago, they had Hurricane bill. What the hell, you know, is you know, his, what’s his name?

Is he gonna what’s his name? Keith. Oh God Han…, Kelly, Hanson, Kelly, Hanson, Kelly Hanson. Is he, is he going to go off and like do hurricane you know, cause obviously he’s not out there.

Victor M. Ruiz: You know, what’s funny, but think of that whole band. Sorry, I’m cutting you off.

Brad Dahl: No, no, no. You’re cool.

Victor M. Ruiz: Kelly Hansen, Doug Aldridge.

Who’s now in Dead Daisies, their drummer, Jay Schnell,

Brad Dahl: Jay


Victor M. Ruiz: Or Jay Schellen, yeah. He’s I believe he’s playing in like some other band that has like

Brad Dahl: he’s playing in. Yes,

Victor M. Ruiz: Yes. There you go. Okay.

Brad Dahl: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, because he, he’s a big guy in Vegas and. So anyway, I was like, who is, who is this going to be?

I mean, I can’t do that. Kelly would you know, like turn his back on Foreigner. I know Foreigner not doing anything, but I was like. I was kind of hoping it was going to be Kelly Hanson. So I was like, who are these guys? Well, it turns out it’s Sarzo. So, you know, the original guitar player and bass player.

Yeah. Yeah.

Victor M. Ruiz: Robert Sarzo and Tony Cavazo the other brothers of the Quiet Riot guys.

Brad Dahl: Right. So

somehow those guys got permission to use the name of the band. Kelly, probably like I’ll throw you a bone. And because those guys only did that w well, the, the EP in the first, well, the first two albums, I guess, and then they were out of the band.

I don’t, I don’t know why. I don’t know what happened. There that’d be a good story. And they weren’t bad food really well, but they look like guys that, you know, it was their first time on stage. You know, they kind of just stood there. And I mean, there was like, no charisma, no car and me. Nothing happening.

And the singer was really good, but he also, I mean, he was actually really, really good, but he had no idea what he was doing on stage. He just kind of deer in the headlights and sing his ass off, but it was just kinda like, yeah, you guys, you guys should have rehearsed a little bit and you know, played together.

I dunno, but I guess they actually have that the new, the new Hurricane has an album coming out this year. So we’ll see if that happens and if that’s any good. And if they if they get on Mars Attacks Patreon with a video, that’d be cool.


Victor M. Ruiz: was the singer for that?

Brad Dahl: Oh, I can’t remember his name.

He’s some kid. I don’t know that he’s been in any other band and goodnight Johan and sleep well,

Victor M. Ruiz: Johan Johan is my time zone. It’s a little after a 1:00 AM. So yeah. Thank you for joining us tonight, Johan. I know that. Difficult to be up at this time for a lot of folks. So I do appreciate you spending time with us here

Glad I was able to shout out at least to Swedish bands.

Brad Dahl: There you

  1. Yeah. So yeah, I kind of got off on a off the track there talking about M3, but anyway, they, they do mix things up and then they, they, yeah. And some of the things are really cool and some of them aren’t that cool. But that also brings me to a band that I didn’t really thought I would like, but I, I actually did like, and that’s Night Ranger, believe it or not.

Because when you think of Night Ranger, you think of, oh geez, Sister Christian, and please kill me now. In fact, my wife who was with me, Shelly, she’s like, can we leave before they play Sister Christian? Can we just leave? I was like, yeah, sure. We can leave. Cool. And, and she, she, and after the first couple of songs, she turned to me, she said, guy, these guys rock.

I had no idea. These guys like rocked. And, and I said, yeah, I know who knew, who knew Night Ranger rock so hard. But they do. And plus they’re really good life. I mean, I actually playing their instruments. I mean, Kelly Keaggy is goofy as he looks on stage. The dude actually plays drums really well. I mean, kind of want to hate him.

It’s like, nah, you know, he looks like a dork, but he plays the drums really well. But the rest of them, I am very professional having fun, which I’m a big fan of that. And that kind of goes back to Udo too, man, when you, you see these guys live, I mean, they’re playing serious metal, but they’re all smiling and they’re all like interacting with each other and they’re all having fun.

It’s like, see the Hurricane boys could have used a little bit of that rather than looking at each other going what do we do now? Yeah, you stay over there. I’ll stay over here. Okay. That’s what we’re going to do. We’ll keep playing this song. Yeah. So there you go. Night Ranger in the, I know they supposedly they, they’re not real big in Europe.

Is that true? Or is it just the UK? I think it was Jeremy that was telling me that, that they don’t get much press over there and much, or anything

Victor M. Ruiz: Mike Jones is saying they can still rock in America after all. Yes. And

Brad Dahl: I got to tell you, man, that song kick ass, you know, 4th of July and everything still rocking America was like, yeah.

And yeah, it’s good to be an American for like five minutes.

Victor M. Ruiz: Yeah. You know, they had a moment there before Sister Christian and all that where you can still rock in America. Don’t tell me, you love me.

Brad Dahl: Yup.

Victor M. Ruiz: Those, those songs. And obviously Brad Gill is playing with Ozzy. You think about it. They were. Kind of their, their names were thrown in the mix with, with the Maiden tandem and the Priest tandem and Scorpions and stuff like that.

You know, they were, they were in that mix and then, you know, Sister Christian came out and I forget what the other song was off of that album. And it was kind of ballady as well. And it was okay, well, credibility gone as good as, as good as your you know, playing was, you look at Scorpions and you take a ballad, like Still Loving You.

And yes, that’s a ballad, but just the way that the solos are constructed, the way that that song is constructed in general, it doesn’t have it. Hey, this is a ballad. I want to be on the radio type vibe where the other Night Ranger songs had that. And of course it was a product of what was going on at the time.

So I get it. But when you had a Maiden or Judas Priest, it was hard to compete in and keep your name in with those guys. You had Queensryche. Come along and kind of alright. Night Ranger guys off to the side. Queensryche is slotting in here where, where you guys used to be. So, yeah.

Brad Dahl: Yeah. Well, anyway, we did stay to the end of their set.

And so with Shelly did have to listen to Sister Christian. I said, you got to, you just have to experience it. Cause it’s kinda like everybody gets like brainwashed for a moment. Everybody everybody’s singing along like insane. I mean the place just. Ape shit. All right. I mean, it’s like, this is really incredible.

It it’s, it’s kinda like being at that you know, some kind of religious revival where everybody gets this, the ghost at the same time,

Victor M. Ruiz: right

Brad Dahl: yeah. Yeah. So I was like, yeah, you know, you gotta give it to them. And, but yeah. Anyway, I got to respond to something. Is, is that Steve up there withM3’s lineup, of course.

Is Steve. Hey Steve. Okay. I’m going to throw down the gauntlet, man. You should come down, hang out with us at M3 next year, because Shelly says she’s in, you know, she, she went in there not, not preparing to really like it. She’s kind of like, well, can I just like take off and you know, if I’m not really digging stuff and go back to the hotel on that.

And I’m like, I sure you can leave any time. She stayed through the whole damn thing. And the end is like, yeah, I want to go back next year. So three days and a lot of rockets, very comfy for the old guys. Seats are nice. I, I, I got a line on the front row so I can hook you up Steve. And yeah, come hang out with this man.

Come rock out with us. And then if the band sucks, we can just, you know, make fun of them together. It would be great. You will have fun. Okay. I’ll take care of you, man. You get down there. I’ll take care of ya.

Victor M. Ruiz: I’m sure Steve will have a hard time making fun of bands.

Brad Dahl: Yeah. That’s that’s part of the charm too. And it’s, it’s, it’s fun. Hanging out with people who have a kind of an equal bit of a wit about them.

Victor M. Ruiz: I’m trying to look at my list here

Brad Dahl: to see what Mike. Yeah. Mike, come hang out with us. Okay. I’m saving you a seat. I’m putting you, I’m putting you in the front row with us.

Come on, Mike. Rob. Yeah, there we go. Okay. All right, Victor, you

Victor M. Ruiz: can have a whole, a Yarg Metal section.

Brad Dahl: No, no.

Yeah. Yard Metal. Mars Attacks section, come on over here. And if Strigle Strigle shows up. If he doesn’t have some prior family commitment or something, then a, you know, a guy that the boys are back in town.

I’m just staying what a blast it will be. We get like a whole row of us and just, you know, pure shenanigans. It’d be, it’d be way. Cool.

Victor M. Ruiz: Mike Jones is claiming that he is closer. He’s Mike Jones is what, like an hour and a half closer than Steve Hoeker is too M3. Mike is in South Jersey, Steve is in north Jersey. So

Brad Dahl: yeah, you guys could drive there.

I mean, I guess I could do, but it take a couple of days. I


Victor M. Ruiz: you could always pick up an RV in Mount Olive and drive down. Yeah.

Brad Dahl: That and that ain’t

happening. Our RV days are over, over that’s, that’s another, it’s another one of those magical moments. When you realize you married the right person, when they look over at you and they say, this is really stupid.

This sucks, man. I never want to own an RV. And, and for years she’d been pushing me to like borrow one of our neighbors RV and go on a trip and I’m like, no, no, I don’t want to do that. And, and yeah. So it’s like, yeah, we’re on the same team. Loving it. So yeah. So yeah. There you go. All right, come on Steve let’s party.

I’m I’m. I want to go, I want to hang out with everybody. We gotta have like a Mars Attacks get together. I guess we’re going to have to come to Spain though, right? Victor. Cause you’re not allowed in the US. Oh,

Victor M. Ruiz: I’m I’m allowed in the U S.

Brad Dahl: I always make the joke that I’m not allowed to leave Utah.

Victor M. Ruiz: Well,


Brad Dahl: We knowthat’s not


Victor M. Ruiz: I, yeah, I was going to say, I know that firsthand that it’s not true, but

Brad Dahl: all right. Yeah. Four yeah. Four miles a gallon. Yeah. When Shelley finally totaled up the gas bill from driving that RV from New Jersey to Utah, and it was over a thousand dollars.

Victor M. Ruiz: Wow.

Brad Dahl: For gas, that was for gas. Yeah. We could have flown first class, both ways.

Rented a car, seen everything we wanted to be, stay in really nice hotels and it would’ve cost less money than just the gas.

Victor M. Ruiz: Well, but, but could you say that you picked up an RV in a town that had the at one time, the number one spot where the mob would dump or mob would, would gift people, cement shoes and cement overcoats, because Mount Olive Budd Lake right there in Mount Olive is, was notoriously known for that.

Brad Dahl: I

expected bud light to be filled with Budweiser, but no, it wasn’t.

Victor M. Ruiz: Well, it was brown, like the color of the bottle. I mean, that’s

Brad Dahl: probably a few guys named, Bud in the lake. Yeah. Yeah. That

Victor M. Ruiz: could be it too. There’s there are a few lakes in, in North Jersey that are, that are known for that stuff. So I’m trying to be here.

I’m trying, I’m trying to go through my playlist here to see what bands are kind of fit into that Metallica Skid Row mold. I mean, okay. I could, I could say, I mean, I could say Slaughter, but you know, I don’t enjoy Slaughter. Like I do the other bands. I kind of, I started to get into them and being able to stomach their music around the same time as Skid Row, but to me, Skid Row blows them away.

And that also kind of has to do with the fact that as, as a stupid music fan I was on the the, the whole, these guys left Vinny Vincent behind. So screw those guys. And then you realize that, well, all the stories about Vinnie are true after he screws over someone that you personally know and you’re like, all right, well, screw that guy.

I’m going to finally listen to this band with an open mind. That’s kind of what happened there. There

Brad Dahl: you go. Yeah. I gotta say I don’t own any Slaughter albums. I do own Mark’s. I’m solo disc that came out meet with a few years ago. It was actually pretty good.

Victor M. Ruiz: Yeah.

Brad Dahl: The songs are really good and his singing is really good.

Yeah. Live is singing. Yeah. That’s a whole nother thing and yeah. Yeah. Shelly Shelly was about after 10 minutes. I’ve had enough of these guys. She’s a, if all is all you’re going to do, is he going to actually sing at one point or is he just going to scream? I said, well, you gotta admit the guy can scream, but yeah, but shouldn’t, he sing a little bit in there too.

Victor M. Ruiz: You know how he’s made the majority of his money though, right?

Brad Dahl: No. Tell me

Victor M. Ruiz: voiceover acting.

Brad Dahl: Oh, wow. Good job.

Victor M. Ruiz: He does. He does like in the nineties. Damn when Mel Blanc died who used to do all the Warner Brothers cartoons Warner Brothers tried to like relaunch and do like different types of like Bugs Bunny cartoons, like updated things.

They had Animaniacs and they had, I’m trying to think if they had like a baby, like Looney Tunes thing, or they tried a bunch of different things. So he’s done a ton of work with Warner Brothers from the nineties onwards with different animated projects where he lends a lot of the voices to to the stuff.

So he’s made. All of his money through that through voiceover work. I mean, he technically doesn’t need the tour. Doesn’t need to know. He can just scream all day because yeah, he’s not. Yeah. So I think he was Plucky Duck on Animaniacs. That could be on the All Systems Go album by Vinnie, Vincent there’s somebody at the end of the song Let Freedom Rock, which is probably him that it sounds more like a Donald Duck.

And he says a very good boys, very good boys, something like that. And I think that’s him. So yeah, he can scream it. If not, he can just do a Vince Neil and have Jeff Blando sing anyway.

Brad Dahl: Yeah, boy, that guy is something he can really play and sing. Yeah. Right. He can do a Vince Neil.

All right. Well,

Victor M. Ruiz: well I think any of us can do a Vince Neal. Ooh. Yeah. I just sung three lines in Wild, Wild Side.

Brad Dahl: Okay. All right. Cool.

Victor M. Ruiz: Any, any final thoughts before we wrap things up here?

Brad Dahl: No. Yeah, I, I do have final thoughts. I think this is like the coolest group of people on the planet that hang out with you, Victor and I’m I feel blessed and, and just happy to be with you guys. And thank you for letting me hang out today with you.

I feel bad. Your guests backed out, but you know, anytime, anytime, man, I’m here for you, that I, that I’m not working. And all you guys, well, we got to hang out. We gotta figure out some way to get Victor over here so we can all hang out together.

Victor M. Ruiz: Well, hopefully, hopefully next year we can, the planets will align and hopefully we’ll spend some time in the states.

We’ll see.

Brad Dahl: Yeah, I’ll come to you. Yeah. You, you go east coast, you know, or if you go to west coast or wherever you go, I’ll, I’ll come there. And of course you, you guys, and I’ll, I’ll open this up to everybody in this group. Anybody in Utah, you got a place to stay, we’ll feed, you. We’ll take care of ya. And you know, you’re always welcome here at Casa De Sneagle.

Victor M. Ruiz: Look at that. Steve Hoeker is doling out the free pizza. What what, what, what, what pizza establishment are we talking about? Because there are plenty and there. The host of accommodations at the Chateau Molly, the metal dog who will make sure you enjoy every last moment of your stay.

Brad Dahl: And that is correct.

She will thoroughly inspect your luggage.

Victor M. Ruiz: There you go. I’m only allowed in 48 of the 50 states. Right?

Brad Dahl: All right. Let’s party guys.

Victor M. Ruiz: Well, Hey, it could happen. Let’s see if we could, we could even get Mr. Strigl involved. Who knows

Brad Dahl: how long before you’d have to go somewhere though. I love Mark by the way I do. He’s a busy man.

Victor M. Ruiz: He is a very busy man. Absolutely is.


Brad Dahl: I got, I got time to hang, man. I’m I’m in, I’m in for the big

Victor M. Ruiz: hang.

There you go. The chat has been great tonight. They’ve been through throwing comments out left and right.

All of the diehards have in here. Yes. Steve that’sRight. But anyway, I do want to thank all you guys for joining me tonight. I always say this, I really appreciate you guys deciding to spend a little bit of your Fridays with me here, Brad. It is never, it is never a chore to have you on it is never a bad time to have you on.

So I knew that it was a possibility that you could be on. So I know fret. If, if if my a plan doesn’t work, there’s always a B plan. The Brad plan.

Brad Dahl: There you go. B stands for Brad. I’m ok with being plan B. Is that the morning after pill? I think so.

Victor M. Ruiz: Is that legal in Utah?

Brad Dahl: Having sex isn’t legal in Utah. What are you talking about?

Yeah. Utah’s not as weird ass as you guys would think. I, especially after going through a lot of the United States, so then I’m like, you know, you thought it’s really not as weird as people think it is compared to some other places, but anyway. Yeah. Okay. Cheers


Victor M. Ruiz: So wait, wait, let’s wrap things up kind of how we started them.

Cause I, I have my doubts whether or not. Bleaching someone’s anus is legal in Utah.

Brad Dahl: I always love it when people call me up and they think I’m going to report them. It’s like, you know, are they I’m going to take their kids away? It’s like, look, lady, I don’t want your kid. Okay. I want you to keep your kid. I want you to raise your kid, actually spend a little time with them. Throw that out.

Victor M. Ruiz: Yeah. It’s kind of interesting because I’m sure that she didn’t have a post-it written on it saying, please drink, you know, Bobby, please drink this.

Brad Dahl: Let’s just say you get your kid there watching you. Putting stuff in your butthole. Okay. Yeah. Watch mommy. See what mommy is doing here.


Victor M. Ruiz: Hold on, stand back.

I’m just going to splash some of now.

Brad Dahl: Yeah. Maybe they drink it on purpose. Maybe the kids, like I can’t deal with my mom. I just can’t deal with my mom showing me your butthole. I’m going to drink this bleach.

Victor M. Ruiz: So anyway,

Brad Dahl: we’ve


Victor M. Ruiz: We’ve covered. We’ve covered enough

anyway. Thanks. You guys. You guys have been great tonight. This last 90 minutes is flown by as if it was 90 seconds. And that’s thanks to all of you guys. Thanks. And we’ll be here again next week with Edge Of Paradise. So that is it. We will see you next time right here on the. Signals From Mars Livestream brought to you by the Mars Attacks Podcast and VMRIT.

See ya. .


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