New Releases: August 6, 2021 – Night Ranger

Night Ranger - ATBPO


Most people are aware of Night Ranger’s big radio hits. They dominated the airwaves in the 80s, and their staple hits still permeate terrestrial radio airwaves. For a band that’s been around for so long, and had members move on to other big gigs like Damn Yankees, and Ozzy Osbourne, it’s a daunting task to try and live up to your past. And it’s even harder to just throw out an album that is seen as nothing more than a piece of nostalgia, or a cash grab.

A lot of people may forget, but the decade of the 80s was really a golden era of guitar hero tandems. I realize that not all of the bands I’m going to mention didn’t originate in the 80s, but they really rose to prominence during that decade. You had Iron Maiden with Dave Murray and Adrian Smith. Judas Priest with Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing. Scorpions with Mathias Jabs and Rudolf Schenker. And Night Ranger with Brad Gillis and Jeff Watson. The latter left the band years ago. Replacing him in this tandem on ATBPO is Keri Kelli, who’s played with Alice Cooper, Ratt, Slash’s Snakepit, and many more. He’s obviously no slouch.

The band’s 12th album ATBPO (And The Band Played On), is mix of their yesteryear hits and a modern twist on things. Let’s not forget Jack Blades, has gone on to success with the aforementioned Damn Yankees, and he’s written with Ozzy, and other artists over the years. There are ingredients of what made his outside work successfully injected into ATBPO as well.

The musical side of things is great, I don’t think anyone has ever doubted the band’s ability. But if there are any shortfalls on this album, it would be the lyrics. There are times where the lyrics could be considered cliché, or cheesy. But, sometimes that works for bands, and their fans.

A die-hard fan of the band will love this album. Will it replace their classics? No, not at all, but it should be a pleasant addition to any fan of the band’s collection.

Here is Night Ranger with "Tomorrow" off of their latest album ATBPO.

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