Mars Attacks Podcast 236 – Ask The Host

Ask The Host Mars Attacks Podcast Episode 236


During this week’s episode of the Mars Attacks Podcast, you have an Ask The Host special!

After having various guests fall through I reached out to my Patrons for ideas. One of them said, why not do an ask the host episode? I thought why not, let’s do it! I have always been a student of the game, pivoting whenever I thought necessary. This is what lead me to start live streaming again after so many years.

Over the last few weeks, I have been looking at how to grow my audience and noticed that a lot of celebrities are doing an ask the host type of show. Not to say that I’m a celebrity, but I thought it would be an interesting concept to try out. The results were better than I expected.

This episode of the Mars Attacks Podcast is the audio version of the September 3rd, 2021 episode of the Signals From Mars live stream.

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Ask The Host Signals From Mars Live Stream September 3, 2021

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