New Releases: September 24, 2021 – Poppy A Pale Horse Named Death

Poppy Flux


I’ve never been one to look over my shoulder when talking about music. I’ve never cared whether someone thinks I have no metal cred because I like music outside of hard rock and metal. Or if something that is outside of the box, a little more commercial, or mixed with something else. I’m not one of these curmudgeon supposed experts that have to go by a million rules as to what’s metal or not in 2021. You like what you like, and that’s it.

Flux by Poppy mixes a lot of things that I enjoy. There are parts of the album that are pure 90s alternative rock in the vein of a band like Garbage or Hole. While there are tracks that are callbacks to legends like Kate Bush or Siouxsie Sioux. The delivery in the vocals may not be the same, but the music is heavily influenced by what those artists have done in the past. Poppy makes the tracks, regardless of the influence work.

You can argue that that Flux isn’t as heavy as her previous three albums. But there is plenty of guitars, distorted music, screams, and guttural vocals to remind people that they’re still listening to Poppy.

This album won’t be for everyone that comes to this site to check out my new releases post. I get that but do think that if you listen to the album with an open mind that you might just get into it. It is 32 minutes of entertaining music, that has very few low points.

Here is Poppy with "Lessen The Damage" off of her new album Flux.

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A Pale Horse Named Death Infernum In Terra


I’ve been a fan of Sal Abruscato since the first Life Of Agony album. One of the coolest things as a drummer that has tried to “write” their own music, is finding another drummer that also composes their own songs. The stigma has always been “you’re just a drummer, you just need to play what we tell you.” As if not drummers can actually write music?

When word came down that Sal was switching from drums to guitar and vocals, I was obviously intrigued. So I was quick to check out the band’s first album And Hell Will Follow Me as soon as the promo was sent my way.

A Pale Horse Named Death is now four albums deep. If you don’t know by now, the band’s music sounds nothing like Life Of Agony. But you could draw certain parallels to music that influenced his other previous band Type O Negative.

I’ve often discussed how one band may not influence another directly, but how they both drink from the same well of inspiration. I mention this because people are going to point out that he does not sound like Peter Steele, or offer up certain things they did as a band.

And although Metallica and Megadeth were initially both playing thrash, doesn’t mean they both didn’t do it their own way. Which is what Sal is doing with his band.

Anything that is remotely doom metal or has gothic influences will always pull from things like Black Sabbath or even Paradise Lost, who really perfected a mix of the two. Type O Negative took things further, and put their own spin on things. Well much like that, Sal is further exploring this territory on Infernum In Terra, and pushing A Pale Horse Called Death further down this road, his way.

If you’re a fan of the band’s previous work, you’ll love this album. It has everything you’re looking for from them. With a few twists and turns that you may or may not expect.

Here is A Pale Horse Named Death with "Lucifer's Sun" off of their latest album Infernum In Terra.

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