Ryan J. Downey Invades Signals From Mars – Tonight!

Ryan J. Downey Signals From Mars October 1, 2021 Super Hero HQ PopCurse Ryan J Downey


Ryan J. Downey has managed bands, written books, interviewed anyone, and every that’s remotely important in the entertainment business.

He also happens to be the person behind the Stream N Destroy newsletter and the Metallica-centric Speak N Destroy Podcast. I subscribe to both!

Ryan J. Downey ain’t nothing to mess with! Open his website, and do you see? Just a casual conversation with the iconic Tony Iommi. Scroll a little down further, and you’ll find his reel with some names you might recognize. Will Smith, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Aaron Paul, and that’s just the first 40 seconds.

Join in on the action TONIGHT at 6:00 PM EST / 3:00 PM PST / 11:00 PM in the UK / 12:00 AM Saturday CET.

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On the road? No problem, you listen live via the MixCloud app on your phone. Alternately, the podcast version of the Livestream will be available next week.

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