Signals From Mars – November 5, 2021 – The Curse Of Yarg

Signals From Mars The Curse Of Yarg November 5, 2021


During this episode of the Signals From Mars Live Stream, Brad Dahl of Yarg Metal returns to the show.

If you’ve listed to any Yarg-themed episode you know that Brad brings us all types of great stories. Well, I say great, because they always teeter between being entertaining and cringeworthy!

Dr. Poison brings the goods, talking about music he’s posting on Yarg Metal. Bands he’s jamming with, or wanting to jam with. There is always some gear talk. A show he’s caught in the past that will blow your mind.

Or something from his day job that makes you question how humans are still roaming the Earth!

This episode of the Signals From Mars was originally recorded on September 9th, 2021. The audio version of this episode is Mars Attacks Podcast 249. You can find the audio version here.

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