Signals From Mars – December 17, 2021 – 2021 Year In Review

Signals From Mars December 17, 2021 The Year In Review 2021


Year-end show with Patrons discussing our favorite albums of the year.

During this episode of the Signals From Mars Livestream, I welcome back my Patrons to discuss their favorite albums of the year.

The Patrons submitted their top ten list, and based on the points assigned to each album, they were ranked on an overall list. If an album was selected number one, it received ten points. Number two received nine points, and so on till reaching number ten which was assigned one point.

All in all, 78 albums made the complete list. I recapped albums 78 through 26 during the Signals From Mars Fireside Friday show.

When this episode starts, I pick up with number 25 and go all the way down to number 1. If you want to get involved in these Patron discussions, all you need to do is go here and become a Patron. You can do so for as little as $2 a month.

This episode of the Signals From Mars was originally recorded on December 17th, 2021. The audio version of this episode is Mars Attacks Podcast 255. You can find the audio version here.

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Spoiler alert! Check out the entire Top Albums Of 2021 list here

1Iron MaidenSenjutsu
2U.D.O.Game Over
3SpiritboxEternal Blue
4WitherfallCurse Of Autumn
5Dee SniderLeave A Scar
6Angelus ApatridaAngelus Apatrida
8Royal BloodTyphoons
9ExodusPersona Non-Grata
10Fear FactoryAggression Continuum
12Cannibal CorpseViolence Unimagined
13The DarknessMotorheart
14Dream TheaterA View From The Top Of The World
15Flotsam & JetsamBlood In the Water
16TriviumIn the Court Of The Dragon
17Unto OthersStrength
18Black Label SocietyDoom Crew Inc.
19Cheap TrickIn My World
20Damon JohnsonBattle Lessons
21Dirty HoneyDirty Honey
22Knocked LooseA Tear In The Fabric Of Life
23The QuillEarthrise
24VictoryGods Of Tomorrow
25The BronxBronx VI
26Bullet For My ValentineBullet For My Valentine
27Crazy LixxStreet Lethal
28EnforcedKill Grind
29EvanescenceThe Bitter Truth
30The L.A. MaybeDirty Damn Tricks
31QuicksandDistant Populations
32VolbeatServante Of the Mind
33The CrownRoyal Destroyer
34HorndalLake Drinker
35IngloriousWe Will Ride
36John 5Sinner
37Light The TorchYou Will Be the Death of Me
38Mammoth WVHMammoth WVH
40MelvinsWorking With God
42EvileHell Unleashed
43Jerry CantrellBrighton
44Michael SchenkerImmortal
45Social DisorderLove 2 Be Hated
46TeramazeAnd The Beauty They Perceive
48AcceptToo Mean To Die
50GarbageNo Gods No Masters
51Herman FrankTwo For A Lie
52Wage WarManica
53The Night Flight OrchestraAeromantic 2
54Sumo CycoInitiation
55Asking AlexandriaSee What’s On The Inside
56Bad OperationBad Operation
57CarcassTorn Arteries
58Ricky WarwickWhen Life Was Hard And fast
59Rob ZombieThe Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy
61TribulationWhere The Gloom Becomes Sound
63Fiction SyxxGhost Of My Fathers Past
64The Pretty RecklessDeath By Rock And Roll
65TurnstileGlow On
66ZaoThe Crimson Corridor
67Ayron JonesChild Of The State
68D.D. Verni & The Cadillac BandLet’s Rattle
69Dying WishFragments Of A Bitter Memory
70NekromantTemple Of Haal
71Sweet OblivionRelentless
72Void VatorGreat Fear Rising
73Alice CooperDetroit Stories
74Frank Carter & The RattlesnakesSticky Plus
76Joel Hoekstra’s 13Running Games
77Silver SyntheticSilver Synthetic
78The Ugly KingsStrange, Strange Times


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