New Releases: February 4, 2022 – Korn

Korn Requiem


Korn has finally released their new album Requiem. The recurring theme I have been discussing during the pandemic is that it has allowed bands to spend more time composing and honing in on the best-sounding album possible. Members of Korn have admitted to having additional time to put Requiem together, due to the fact that they could not go out on tour. Thus focusing more energy than usual on the album.

This is the first album without Fieldy, who announced his hiatus from the band some time ago. There is no word as to when or if he’ll return to the band. As much as I like the album, I do think it is missing what Fieldy brings to the table. Sure, they’ve used his demo parts in the songs, but there is just that deviant ingredient missing. It’s like when Head was not in the band. Most of the music was good, but you could tell, had he been around it would have catapulted certain songs over the top.

If Fieldy was present, I would gamble to think that the bass would be pushed a little more forward in the mix. I would also think the playing would be a little more intricate.

Requiem is a very good album, it continues the band’s second wind in their career. Which in my opinion started with the album The Serenity In Suffering, and continued with Nothing. Diehards are going to want to check the album out. It is a little over half an hour-long, and a very easy listen.

And if you’re not into the album, just know that they’re already writing the follow-up!

Here is Korn with "Let The Dark Do The Rest" of their latest album Requiem.

Interested in checking out Let The Bad Times Roll by The Offspring before picking the album up?

Pick your poison, check out the album on either Spotify or Apple Music here.


Saxon – Carpe Diem

Michael Romeo – War Of the World’s Part II

Persefone – Metanoia

Rolo Tomassi – Where Myth Becomes Memory

Venom Prison – Erebos

Abhoria – Abhoria

Mass Worship – Portal Tombs

Mac Gollehon – The End Is The Beginning

Silent Skies – Nectar

As It Is – I Went To Hell And Back

The Final Sleep – Vessels Of Grief

Annisokay – Aurora

Golgothan – Leech

Mystic Circle – Mystic Circle

Tymo – The Art Of A Maniac


Cold Night For Alligators – The Hindsight Notes

Bat Magic – Feast of Blood

Abysmal Dawn – Nightmare Frontier


Prong – Beg To Differ

Prong – Rude Awakening

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