New Releases: March 11, 2022 – Ghost, Return To Earth

Ghost Impera


Whenever a band becomes big, you will always have a segment of their fans that will gravitate to the first thing they heard by the band. For those that doubt this statement, check out how many people online prefer the first two Iron Maiden albums to anything Bruce Dickinson has done with the band.

For Ghost, a lot of people point to Meliora as being the best thing they’re released. But I think if you look at the albums objectively, Tobias Forge has progressed with each album and pushed the band further with each release. For my money, Prequelle was their best album top to bottom, until Impera.

Impera is that pivotal album that could bring Ghost to the masses. It is one of those albums where certain hard rock and metal fans have to look to see who is around before professing their love for the album. You know the popular opinion is to hate it, but they blast the album and sing along to it when no one else is around.

Tobias has always done a great job of mixing styles, and lyrics, to subliminally capture unsuspecting listeners. I still remember hearing “Year Zero” in a department store thinking “wow, no chance in hell they have a clue who or what this band is about, but this is cool!”

I bring this up because this album has tracks like “Darkness At The Heart Of My Love” and “Call Me Little Sunshine” that could easily make their way onto radio stations around the world. Or the song that a lot of people haven’t understood yet, “Twenties” with its samba beat that uses a rhythm pattern that is incorporated into every Reggaeton song you’ve ever tried to avoid. Before knocking that decision, Sepultura was using it first! But again, a calculated move to help garner a larger audience.

Imperia is strong from beginning to end. As mentioned above, Tobias keeps topping his previous releases by the band. If you’re a die-hard, I know you’re checking this album out. If you’ve never heard them, or are a casual fan, this is that Back In Black, Appetite For Destruction, “Black Album” moment by the band. It is the album for you by Ghost to check out.

Here is Ghost with the track "Watcher In The Sky" off of their latest album Impera.

Interested in checking out Impera by Ghost before picking the album up?

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Return To Earth - Oblivion

A few months back Ron Scalzo reached out to me about Return To Earth getting back together. He had been on the podcast years ago to promote Automata, the band’s previous album.

Ron has always been good to me, so I didn’t hesitate to have him back on the podcast, with Chris Pennie. As a primer to the interview, he sent me links to Big Ideas EP, and Oblivion.  I have been listening to both since late last year. The day is finally here when the world can check out the latter.

As you can expect from a band that features Ron, Chris, and Brett Aveni, the album is full of over the top, chaos! The exact words said to me upon receiving both the album and EP was strap in!

As much as I profess about the album’s chaos, it is much more focused from a compositional standpoint than Automata. There is a lot more variety in what the band is putting forward on Oblivion. The melodies are tight and infectious. It also sounds sonically better than anything else the band has done in the past. It makes sense that they split Big Ideas and Oblivion up they’re two entirely different things. One compliments the other, with the listener being able to choose which of the two they prefer.

Below I have posted “Wolf Bait”, the second I heard this song it hooked me. The opening just stood out to me, the double bass, and once the chorus came in I was completely sold. The track sounds like nothing else on the album. As I alluded to above, every song on Oblivion has its own energy, it’s own chaos element to it.

If you’ve never heard of the band, this is definitely the album by them you need to check out. If you’re a fan of Pretty Hate Machine or Broken by Nine Inch Nails, latter-day Gary Numan, or any industrial metal that remotely has thrash overtones, Adrian Belew type layered guitars, mixed with some odd time signatures, well then this is the album for you.

Here is Return To Earth with the track "Wolf Bait" off of their latest album Oblivion.


Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate – Hell, CA

Brandon Boyd – Echoes And Cocoons

Bastard – Rotten Blood

New Horizon – Gates Of The Gods

Mamorlis – Sturdy As An Oak

Arkaik – Labyrinth Of Hungry Ghosts

The Human Tornado – Love Is Démondé

Pillaging Villagers – Pillaging Villagers

Rizon – Prime Time

Wolves At The Gate – Eulogies

Blackslash – No Steel No Future

Famyne – The Ground Below

Konvent – Call Down The Sun

Rust N Rage – One For The Road

Bastard – Rotten Blood

Find Me- Lightning In A Bottle

Radioactive- X.X.X.

Airacobra – Midwestern Steel

Messa – Close

Shadow Universe – Subtle Realms, Subtle Worlds

Syk – Pyramiden

Interesting Times Gang – Are We OK

Claustrofobia – Unleeched

Cloven Hoof – Time Assassin


Dead Lord – Dystopia


Methods Of Mayhem – Methods Of Mayhem

House Of Shakira – Lint XXV

Edge Of Forever- The Days Of Future Past


Kiss – Off The Soundboard: Live In Virginia Beach

Nightwish – Virtual Live Show From The Islanders Arms 2021 DVD

Grim Reaper – Reaping The Whirlwind

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