New Releases: May 20, 2022 – Anvil

Anvil Impact Is Imminent


Nineteen albums in, did anyone think Anvil was going to release a blackened opera concept prog album? Like the name of one of their previous albums, Anvil is Anvil. And that’s all there is to it. 

Impact Is Imminent is a continuation of everything that’s come before it. The band has never been shy about being a heavy metal machine. They don’t take themselves 100% serious. All of their albums are full of anthems that touch on weed, sex, your typical heavy metal themes, and downright silliness! 

They are your typical band where you don’t need to find a new album or song to replace your previous favorite. Impact Is Imminent just helps extend your Anvil playlist. If they haven’t done anything for you yet then don’t expect this album to do it for you. This is an extension of their legacy. Diehards will lap this album right up!

This is album number nineteen, their first since 2020’s Legal At Last.

Marin ‘Mattes’ Peiffer, he has produced U.D.O. as well as Avil’s previous few releases 2016’s Anvil Is Anvil, 2018’s Pounding The Pavement, and 2020’s Legal At Last.

The band is currently on AFM records.

The Lips and Robb Reiner first got together in 1973, forty nine years ago.

Here is Anvil with the track "Take A Lesson" off of their latest album Impact Is Imminent.

Interested in checking out Impact Is Imminent by Anvil before picking the album up?

Pick your poison, check out the album on either Spotify or Apple Music here.


Evergrey – A Heartless Portrait

James LaBrie – Beautiful Shade Of Grey

Cave In – Heavy Pendulum

Sadist – Firescorched

Septicflesh – Modern Primitive

Ratos de Porão – Necropolítica

Leviathan Project – The Final War

Chuck Wright’s Sheltering Sky – Chuck Wright’s Sheltering Sky

Zinny Zan – Lullabies for the Masses

Malevolence – Malicious Intent

Dvne – Cycles of Asphodel

They Kingdom Will Burn – The Void And The Vengeance

A Sound Of Thunder – The Krimson Kult

Coreleoni – III

Volturian – Red Dragon

Black Void – Antithesis

Oratory – Inner Pyre

Serpentent – Ancient Tomes Vol. 1: Mother Of Light

Unbowed – Colour The Soul

Watashi Wa – People Like People

Bog Body – Cryonic Crevasse Cult

Rottenness – Violentopía

Mortal Thrall – A Path To Fire

Luminous Vault – Animate The Emptiness

Geezer – Stoned Blues Machine

Helsott – Will And The Witch

Last Temptation – Fuel For My Soul


Arch Enemy – Sunset Over The Empire 7″

Helloween – Best Time 7″

Oratory – Inner Pyre

Predatory Light – Death And The Twilight Hours


Wolftooth – Valhalla
Wolftooth – Wolftooth

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