New Releases: June 17, 2022 – Sole Syndicate

Sole Syndicate - Into The Flames


The Sweden Sole Syndicate has returned with Into Their Flames. It is the third album released by the band, following the well-received Last Days Of Eden which dropped back in 2020, and 2017’s Garden Of Eden. Right off the bat, this breaks up the Eden theme going with the album’s title. No Flames Of Eden, Burning Down Eden, or anything like that.

This is album number three, their first since 2020’s Last Days Of Eden.

The band is currently on Scarlet Records.

The band got together in 2015.

This album will check off a lot of boxes for various types of listeners. The musicianship is really solid, and the vocals are crazy good. Lead singer Jonas Månsson sounds like Robin McAuley in spots. The album itself mixes a lot of different styles. You have some things that are influenced by 80s hard rock without it being really over the top. At the same time, the instruments are tuned way lower than anything you’d expect to hear coming from the Sunset Strip. There are keyboards on the album which at times sound like your typical keys for modern Scandinavian metal. But again, not over the top, so they add the perfect amount of flavoring to the songs. It is a modern-sounding album, sporting plenty of cool riffs, solos, and melodies as well. 

Into The Flames is a nice gateway into Sole Syndicate’s catalog. The album is pretty strong top to bottom, and will please plenty of hard rock fans looking for something different to listen to this weekend.

Here is Sole Syndicate with the track "Count To Zero" off of their latest album Let The Bad Times Roll.

Interested in checking out Into The Flames by Sole Syndicate before picking the album up?

Pick your poison, check out the album on either Spotify or Apple Music here.


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